Existing as a Human race filled with our Diversity!

Diversity exists! Life is very complex. Simplicity exists. We live in a complex-simple world. People seem to want to create a normal that never existed in the first place. A standard that would eradicate diversity and what the human experience is to the universe. The world is not that simple where there is not a so-called ‘Normal’ which exists. There is ethical standards everyone needs to understand, but every part of the human experience exists with diversity of how people experience their lives. Some people live their dreams, some people close their eyes while their destiny passes by, but that is everyone’s choice of how they want to live their life. People have choices plain and simple. The choice is clear, live to experience the positive wonders of the world or live a life of misery filled with struggle and pain. In the end if you choose the latter, you can always heal at any point in your life.

Life can be destructive if you allow to or life can be a beautiful experience until the day you reach your last breath soaking in the beautiful life you lived. The one thing other animals have over Human beings is living their life positively no matter what without thinking about it. Human beings can think freely communicating their actions with words by speaking, writing, or drawing. No matter who you are, you are a still Human with the ability to think. However, thinking is dangerous which led to many fights, wars, and disputes throughout the history of the Human race. Whatever happened to just being who we are and what we do to help contribute to the world. It’s time to come together, connect, and be who you are!

Sometimes we need to understand that the only thing we are right about is what gives us the passion to live. The passion to move on, the passion to sit still without thinking, and the passion to live our life the way we know we’ve always wanted to live it by contributing in a positive way. Some people don’t realize what their passion is for a long time, some people use other people’s passions, some people ignore passions, while others have always explored their passions living a famously remarkable life that everyone else wants. Not everyone has the same passions, while not everyone can be the same. However, everyone has different backgrounds from where they came from. Sometimes what we want to experience is not in our best interest to live a positive life. There are passions, there are jealousies, there are desires, and there are wants that are harmful to us. We use our free thinking to be able to discover what is right for us, and what is wrong for us. However, a lot of times many people want more than what they need to desire. Everyone has different desires that are unique to them.

We live in a diversified world where we live differently in different areas. We carry out laws in the different areas based on our own thinking. Sometimes it goes against our ethics and sometimes it doesn’t. I know we are learning to understand diversity better where, for example, soon marriage equality will be accepted everywhere. There will also soon be acceptance of how someone chooses to live too. It’s time to think about our life the way we need to live it in order to live it the way we always needed it to be. Be safe, live, think different, and use your creativity to live your life feeling uniquely positive in a way that we can feel good about things we have done.

It’s the end of July already and Autreat is on it’s way soon!


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