Differences Matter and Diversity Counts!

For we are Human beings,
the people you ought to know,
For we are a diverse nature,
who should love our fellow people
and creatures who roam the earth.

The Global society we live in can feel very disgusting at times. It’s time to heal the world. It’s time heal the people who hate, who want to conquer an existing people, and who want to create a monotonous society where there is no diversity.

I am saddened by many people who only want to end diversity by creating a monotonous society. That is not what Life is all about!

Enjoy the little things because there are so many! Spend some time with nature, spend some time with your family, spend some time with making a connection so that when you are alone you can be comfortable.

A difference between you and I
meets us between the sun and the earth
We find the reality of our
land continuing to contribute
and be the same.
The difference of our strength
only gives us the mark
of a beautiful light,
a beautiful day, and
a beautiful moment in the sky.
The sun meets the earth
only to find differences
merging to form a human being.
The Human being is the same but
different showing the diversity of
what the universe is all about.
The desire for the moments in the sky
that gives us that feeling toward others.
Feeling what others feel,
Feeling for the different types
and kinds of diverse creatures there are.
that is what the universe
is all about.
The universe gives us the
moments to shine, the moments
to cry, the moments to smile
when we find it hard to.
The difference between you and I
only creates and lifts our spirits
higher to converge to the heavens
and diverge our imaginations.

Live your life and see the unknown for what the unknown is really worth. You just never know what you might see or what you might find joy in and love the beautiful nature around us.


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