Connections Help to Inspire Us!

Creative play is important because it builds critical thinking, imagination, and connecting with another human being. The media’s portrayal in society creates a sense that we will lose those skills in our children in the future because they will be repeating things and not really interacting to connect in real time. The media also portrays false beliefs too. Ableism is a tactic the media has always used to stigmatize and promote fear interacting with certain people. There is no reason people should be disqualified from wanting to interact with someone even if they are different than they are. Connecting with the people we want to be around heals us, but most importantly family was created for us to begin this means of connecting to heal whether it is with a person or animal. I have learned that not every one has had the family life I fortunately have and I met other people who met people they feel are their family instead of their genetic family. Family is important!! The family you choose whether from birth or from your life, will give you the direction you need to go and making the connections we so desperately need when we don’t want to be alone. However those connections we have are just a valuable piece of our life. The rest of our life is trying to make peace within ourselves to live comfortably in solitude because eventually we cross over by ourselves anyway after we are old and gray.

Society is structured now in a way that promotes the media to affect our life, trying to tell us how to eat, how to sleep, how to even think. However we need to be able to think outside the box critically and connect to others in real time. There is too much negative stigma in the media, lot’s of promotions of fears toward certain people, and not enough showing of love toward one another especially toward the disability community. This has got to change. We need to change the way the media thinks about the disability community by not treating Autistic people or any other disability population like we are incapable of living like the rest of the world.

Is virtual reality supposed to be bad? Well, no it’s not, but the virtual games show too much disconnect to others.
I feel that it’s the media’s negative hype that creates a disconnect in love, for so many people.

Connections are so important for our well-being and wholeheartedly builds our self-esteem. It strengthens our mind, let’s our spirit grow more, enables us to eat, exercise, and sleep better at night. It not only does these things, but when we are alone to reflect in solitude, we are able to peacefully think about the positive creative ideas we all can make. Connections matter and in real time!

Feeling out of place, lonely without connections in real time, and watching the media’s ideas only disconnects us and hurts us in the end. Not saying we should not watch the media, but we should limit how much we are attached to the media. However if the media changes their tactics, things will be different.

I am lucky enough to have had a good solid foundation from my parents about connecting which has helped me a lot and still does. I just hope the adults of tomorrow or the children of today are able to enjoy creative play now without the media’s help. It’s important to let someone connect with someone else without feeling judged or even bullied.


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