Autistic Pride Day 2013 and the Autistic Artistic Carnival!!!

Autistic Pride Day this year has been leaning toward feelings about the diversity of Humanity. We are free, we are equal, and we all have our own intelligence. Life is what we make of it. I have spent a whole year starting to find myself more and more. I love who I am, but need to continue my passions of helping, of relaxing, of doing my own art. Life guarantees that it takes a long time to improve our passion. The passion I have created for myself in order to help heal others without feeling stressed and anxious. It will take time. Joyfully emerging through the midst of a bright sunny day where I get to immerse myself in my life, enjoying every minute of it. Today is also my Birthday and I have spent 34 years living my life. Some may say I have been through more in my life than most do in a lifetime by this point. What does that mean? Does it mean my life is over soon? or, Does it really mean I am going to experience more in my life than others have than theirs? I have been through the darkest waters and the brightest rainbows, but never have I ever been through the experiences of love until the past few months. May be it just means I am growing or may be it just means I am dying soon. An angel I am growing to be and an angel I will be. Although the life you breathe in can take a toll on your whole life if you do not sit and smell the flowers walking down the woods. The woods are miles through my path and I am usually running passed everything ready for the finish line I am not really ready for. This year on the 34-35 year of my life, I hope to slow down more, breathe in, and soak it all in more. Love is a word that means nothing unless you feel it in your bones, your heart, and your soul. The spirit within us only lifts us higher when we feel the breeze pushing us forward. What more can a person do when we look backward? We just need to be told ‘move forward’.

The Autistic Artistic Carnival will always be around no matter what even for Autistic Pride Day too. However, Autistic Pride Day is around to stress moving toward acceptance even in the darkest of times when fellow Autistics or any one along on the autism spectrum are murdered just for being on the autism spectrum. We mourn those who have died especially just recently with Alex Spourdalakis, the 14 year old Autistic person who was recently killed. This year the Autistic Artistic Carnival is dedicated to the people like Alex who have been killed by people who were supposed to care for them and love them. We mourn, we care, we love those who have died unnecessarily. Most importantly, we cherish those great many talented people on the autism spectrum who do or did amazing work. I know not everyone submitted their work to me, this being a very small sample of work, but it is a good representation of what can be done by Autistic people.

Love is in the air, so we give love to all of Humanity and beyond on this remarkable planet! I just want to say that this is a rolling Autistic Artistic Carnival so please still submit your wonderful work to me for the next couple of weeks and I will add it on when I get a chance!

Happy Autistic Pride Day!! Having problems so here people can find it here: The CARNIVAL 2013!


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