Another Chapter of the latest Fiction Series: An Important Lesson

Please read the beginnings of the story first before continuing to read this at: An Important Lesson

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Now drumroll please, as you have already read the above link for the beginnings of the story, here is the continuation of the story I am writing…


As Jake’s mother opens the door of the house leading to her final destination, she seemed very refreshed from the nap she had taken besides the tree. She starts walking in to the house with the sun beaming on the wood planks in the hallways as the wood creaks. She reaches the kitchen area where there sits a woman eating her lunch looking as though she was waiting for Jake’s mother to arrive.
Jake’s mother walks up to the woman, sits down at the nearest chair, places papers on the table, and starts crying as her head falls to the table. The other woman looks up from her food with immediate concern, and holds Jake’s mother in her arms.

Jake’s mother begins lifting her head staring at the woman beside her as she begins to kiss the other woman. Jake’s mother embraced this woman because Jake’s mother always felt this woman was her spirit when she felt she didn’t have any. The woman brought back Jake’s mother’s spirit every time they met. The two of them walked outside together when Jake’s mother showed her Jake’s message. The woman started to cry repeating “Help us, Miranda, Help Us!”

Miranda who is Jake’s mother says “If only I can spread this message widely and pay it forward. Then, may be people would listen.”

Jake was bullied all his life and the bully wound up getting the best of him after his car was exploded as he started the car. The bully started with Jake when they were young children and ended tragically as adults. Jake was an Autistic person who discovered that life isn’t easy. His legacy is producing another stream of ending abuse and ableism toward any one who is different. His mother Miranda, feels overwhelmed and tired by what to do with her son’s message.

She embraces this woman now to help her find her glory in doing so. Miranda does this a lot because she leads a double life. Miranda only wants to send a message of diversity to the world so that no body is excluded, segregated, integrated, and bullied!! She fully supports inclusion.

In the next part of the story, let’s travel through Miranda’s adventure more to fulfill her son, Jake’s message!

To be continued…


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