A poem called ‘We are the People’

Deserting us, only forbade us
Lifting us, only builds us
Building us, only helps us
Enabling us, only betrays us
Forgetting us, only combines us!
Talking about us, without us
only negates and demonizes us,
Nothing about us, without us,
only helps us more!
Sometimes we deserve more,
but sometimes we just feel
damned if we do or damned if we don’t.
Sometimes just sometimes we are felt
hurt, sucked in, and taught to
be something of a monster;
We are NOT monsters, We are Autistic,
We are People!!!
People shut us up, talk down,
and engrave in our brains that
we are not good enough,
not smart enough,
and no body like us
or cares.
The feeling we get is that we
need to feel,
and no matter what
we need to feel
how much we are feeling
to feel the love deep down inside.

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2 thoughts on “A poem called ‘We are the People’

  1. Lina

    Hey Jason
    I got to your blog by a movie play on Netflix they explain your condition and I may have so interested on learning more about it .
    I love what you wrote on your blog, very honest.

    Hope u doing well
    Lina Hernandez

  2. Dora Traynor

    Very nice! I dropped by your blog, having just heard about about through the documentary, This Emotional Life. You were featured on it discussing Aspergers Syndrome. Very Impressed!! I looked for you through your Facebook link however the link is broken!! Impressed with your poetry!!