A poem called “A Falling Star”

A star,
crashing into
two hearts
melting into one,
a beautiful sense
of fulfillment
of joy
of respect
of being who they are
just exposing
to feel what they feel
to enjoy the essence of connecting
enjoying the love,
feeling right now
for the kindness
for the beauty
for the gift
they give to each other
and the star bursts
in front of them
just to see
the two become one.

Being Autistic and having a star fall on you only exists in time when you connect with another person you’ve always needed. Think about the people you engage with and hopefully you find the love of your dreams.

Have a great day!


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One thought on “A poem called “A Falling Star”

  1. Callie

    You are such an inspiration. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I wish you the very best. Remember that you are worth it and deserve every happiness. Thank you.