A New Fiction Series: An Important Lesson: Part 1

There once lived a man in a small town. He lived there his whole life. Some day he were to become an Angel when he died, but needed to make his mark while alive learning important lessons. He lived with his parents in a home where everything was staged right to learn his lessons. He hurt, he enjoyed, he felt sorry for things he did, he loved, he cried, he was very smart. He had 2 sisters and 1 brother.

Some people may fault him. Some people may criticize him. Some people may just sense the wonderful beautiful loving kind angel he was. One day he felt the need to save someone against all odds. He sensed the world more than any other and some may have thought he felt for people more than he felt himself. He was regarded as an Angel to many, but there were people who were jealous of him. There was a time he began walking down the block when he went to get in to his car. He turned on the car. The car was stalling. The key was in the ignition when a spark from the car ignited a big flame with lot’s of smoke, and the car exploded. And he died.

The people were crying. The police came. He was dead. It was very sad. So many people enjoyed his presence. However, he was dead and hopefully made his angel’s wings once he reached the heaven’s sky. No one knew, but they hoped. But, one. The one who blew up his car to end the jealousy this other man had. The jealousy seeped within this man and he let it take control. The antagonizer was out of control. Since then this other man who no one knows blew up Jake’s car thought that he was Jake’s friend. Every one wept including this man. Someone even went up to Ferdinand who reacted so conscionable even though he was nothing more than a sociopath. Ferdinand thought he had it made that he would be the angel now when in doubt he is just the coward.

Jake fell. Jake was buried in the ground. His tombstone read:

A glorious friend, advocate, gracious human being with all his intentions of helping another. May he rest in peace from now and forever flying his wings all over us…

He never had the ability to reach his finish his final mission while alive. The final target was to help his antagonizer who hated him. He died not being able to say words to Ferdinand that could help, save, and make peace with someone who hates the world.

Jake’s family was weeping for days upon days that lasted months. His friends created vigils every day to every week to every month since then by the parking spot where he had died with the car he was about to drive.

Jake loved his people. He loved himself. He loved life. He felt so happy to be the best he can be. Jake knew that he was the best. He felt it inside. He loved the very need to be himself. Jake is now the angel flying around the skies watching over his family and friends.

One night on a dark snowy evening, Jake came to the foot of the window to where his bed laid in the room he used to sleep in. His mother was sitting on the bed, crying as she looked at his picture. Suddenly, she felt a presence of white light enter the room. It was very colorful almost filled like a rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet surrounding the room so bright and shining.

The mother faints on the bed with the picture falling to the carpet. Jake intervenes with the lifting of light over his mother. Suddenly the mother rises forward, lifts her face, only to see the figure of her son before her…

As the light passes through, Jake spins away in to the distance up, up, and away. Jake disappeared again and the mother started weeping harder.

The next day in the middle of the morning when his mother is walking in the backyard, she sees a sign from her son, Jake. Fortunately , Jake had left something last night for the mother to find in the yard. The sign is merely a stag prancing around the yard which was one of Jake’s favorite animals being a huge animal lover. Jake was not only an Activist for human rights, he fought hard for the rights of animals too.

The stag was suddenly walking toward the mother when she licks her hand and walks away. The saliva from the Stag reminded her of the difficult person Jake always had dealt with in society. Jake was an Artist, Teacher, Mentor with his kind healing powers to help other living beings. He meditated often to cleanse himself from the influences from society and the people he came in contact with. Jake was always doing the right things and always giving what he felt needed to be given. People offered to give back feelings he had given, but with his humble ways, Jake always replied, ‘No’. Although Jake was also Autistic, he knew he was given a gift like any one else has been given a gift to use and give.

The stag represented Jake for now in order to report to his mother that he is to come back soon to finish his business. It may take time. It may freak people out to know why. In the end, he is going to finish the last part of his business to help one last person he never got to help.

He may have died young. He may have died honorably, but he didn’t die, living fully. So, he is using his own mother now to help him with this 1 last mission…

(The story continues in part 2…)


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