A Future Success to Win

here it is,
I sit down,
trying to move forward,
flipping the switches,
curiously hopeful,
spending every hour
consciously planning
ways to succeed,
not planning too much
since I need to go with the flow,
but trying not to depend
on others to
plan my future.
It’s a long
future ahead of me
to make the difference
and change the world.
A future ahead of us
embarks what we
want and what we
don’t want.
Some people disregard
what I say and do,
but it does not stop
me to keep on saying
and doing what will
help the world.
I have friends, I have
fans, I have people who
listen to every thing
I need to say and do.
There will always be
someone who does not
listen or won’t listen.
Be with those people who do
listen and forget about those
who do not.
Winning success only goes to the people
who do not let others
walk all over them.

(Let’s me finally be the person I am to be!)


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One thought on “A Future Success to Win

  1. Kendra

    I bought the PBS DVD series “This Emotional Life,” and watched the episode with you in it. You are an incredible inspiration to me. How you’ve over come yourself to make a better life for you, dispite the odds. You’ve helped me realize that I can do things I didn’t think I could do. I hope you continue making progress in your life. I look foward to reading you blog. Sending happiness and love your way.

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