A Future Ahead of Us to Think About Helping Others

Here it is: I am really excited about quite a few things in the coming months. First, I’d like to say I am really excited about this year’s Autistic Artistic Carnival in June featuring on my blog! Second, I am really excited to be helping so many Autistics out there lately and helping out schools teach Autistics. Third, I am so happy that I am getting myself out there in public reaching out to others! Finally, I can’t wait to get more done with Community Alliance for Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY).

Here is something I just wrote:

A future filled with concern,
A future filled with love,
A future filled with determination, self-determination,
A future filled with helping every one on the Autistic spectrum
live a better life, a life where they can have their own Autistic space,
A life filled with drive,
A life with so much love and a great sense of desire
to make sure people are giving toward outreach.
A life of giving is more than a life of taking.
A life of working is better than a life of sitting around
wondering what will be, what will be is in your destiny.
Fate will determine what you are, but
you must look for the winks of destiny that will
help to get you through it in the most
trying of times.
We live for the moment to be thrilled,
We live for the moment to be wow’d,
We live for the moment to tell our story
the way we want to hear it, live it.
We live to be positive.
We get moments to reach out and touch,
but most importantly we get moments
for Acceptance!

(It’s been a while since my last post, but I just wanted to tell every one that I am still here. As I wait to create something for the Online Autistic Artistic Carnival!)


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3 thoughts on “A Future Ahead of Us to Think About Helping Others

  1. Zach

    You are awesome Jason. You are definitely doing a lot of good and helping a lot of people. Great poem!