World Autism Awareness Day (Acceptance)!!



Autism Awareness Day spawns out Acceptance! With the awareness of people’s difference should enable us to have acquiescence. Every person deserves their right for acceptance in to this world. This feeling that brings up those thoughts are from our early learning experiences of judging, categorizing & labeling individuals who do not fall into what we believe is acceptable because our grasp of someone being different then us causes an innate perception that they should not be accepted to what society says is the ‘norm’. This sort of categorization and discrimination has been going on for thousands of years. So when is it going to STOP!

Being and feeling different is a part of Human nature. The more we change our perception of society’s citizens, the more there will be a stop in rebellion and confrontation. Ultimately, the peace we all want will finally emerge.

On this Autism Awareness (I mean Acceptance) day, I hope people find a way to accept people for what its worth. Hopefully by doing so, this will help every one to be able to work together.

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One thought on “World Autism Awareness Day (Acceptance)!!

  1. Ana

    Hi, I stumble to a documentary on Netflix about emotions from PBS station and you were on. As a Mother of Autistic Child, I wanted to say that you doing an extraordinary job and you give me hope for my hasn’t being easy but he has come along the way, but you inspired me more. God Bless you and you are an awesome person….thank you for all your work and wonder blog. You are an intricate part of this world!! Amazing stuff you have here =)

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