Working Builds Confidence, Independence, and Stability for Any One

Why are people in the disability community including Autistic people not extended a chance to work or are thought of as a second thought by an employer? Why can’t any one in the disability community be accepted in to a job like any body else? Instead most of us are pushed to the side. Although some of us do get lucky.

I can only speak for who I am as an Autistic person (Aspergers). We all have our quirks, we all have our eccentricities, we all have our emotions, we all are human. However many Neurotypical people are considered for a job far more times than a person with a disability. Employers think twice before hiring someone who may be a little different or a lot different from the average person walking into their office.

Instead of classifying, judging, and placing a label on individuals; employers should be objectively viewing an individual’s abilities. It’s important to teach a person who wants to learn, but most importantly we should all teach people to work in a job in order to conform to society by living independently, confidently, and comfortably. Regardless, working for employers helps build character, strength, dignity, and most importantly stability. However the person has to be motivated enough to want to work. Most people I speak to want to work, but struggle to earn a title from an employer to achieve their dreams. Although there are some people who may say they want a job, however they just don’t have the motivation to conform to society’s standards to get a job.

Whether you are working toward a goal of finding a job or moving forward toward building a career, every body should be working toward a goal to live a life of stability. No matter who the person is, people need to be inspired to help themselves and be motivated to feel jointly appreciated by society. However there has to be some kind of connection in order to be appreciated.

Every body has at least 1 skill moving forward to be a success, however all you need is that 1 skill. Some people are skillful diplomats while others have talented hands. The skill you were meant to have should be the skill you use toward your success. After you have used your skill to be successful in what you can do, you begin to earn the respect you always wanted.

Success without a successor is failure. We always need somebody to teach a motivated person regardless if they have a disability or not, to teach the practice that made the predecessor successful for all those years. There are surgeons who have disabilities like Tourette syndrome or Aspergers who are just as successful as a surgeon who doesn’t have any disability. However, once everybody accepts disability as a natural part of human existence will everyone, one day know that it’s okay.

Money is a powerful object we earn after being successful at what we do. There are always many choices how to use the money you earn. It’s important to think about your ethics, your value about life, and what is important to you before you act on using it.

Alec Trebek said it best when he always says “Teaching is the noblest of all professions!” However every profession is a teacher regardless of what they do because we are always teaching our successors to do the same great job for the future, so why be judgmental on who you teach for an employer to be able hire any individual in society motivated to succeed?

Have a great day and get working!!


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