Why Connections Matter for the New Year and Fitting Best in Our Place in Society!

We are connected to each other because we are all Human. Connections matter so it’s time to begin the new year living the way Human beings are supposed to live. We need to find that connection at a distance that is comfortable for all of us. We can’t move too close or move too far away. We need the magnetic energy that connects us because these connections inspire us and cultivate our well being. It’s important for us, it lifts us up, it makes us grow, and it fills our spirits up. Some people may disagree with me about why connections matter, but they do. The Disability community is connecting with each other now more than ever to come together to fight for their rights. The Autistic community is a subset of the Disability community corresponding and fueling the Civil Rights we all have and cherish. Every one has the right to live their life with the quality, without stigma, and expand their culture. It’s not that Disability or Autistic is a culture, it truly is, but it’s the fact that we are becoming a culture from not being accepted and understood by the rest of the Human race.

We have been making strides. We have been enduring a lot of strength. We have been proposing our own society, a society purely Autistic away from the Neurotypical standards that is set in our minds from years before. That is why the people in the Autistic community have connected whether online or in person, we have formed bonds. We have formed alliances with other Disability communities as well to inform the rest of society that we are not dying, we are not wandering away, we are not cripples or disabled, we are different and we need society to understand this. Different can mean so many things. Jim Sinclair, a leader in the Autistic community who leads Autreat started this Civil Rights movement, but Temple Grandin began the concept that Autistic people can be important too. The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and Greater Regional Asperger Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum) Partnership were formed thereafter to help continue Jim Sinclair’s mission from the Autism Network International or ANI who started Autreat. Autreat still thrives since the 1990’s and will always thrive. It’s an important aspect of Autistic culture. Then, later Adaptations was created at the JCC in Manhattan to also help empower Autistic people and the rest of the Disability community. Wherever we go, whoever we see, whatever we do, we are becoming connected to another Human being. This is a good thing, but some people say they just like to live in solitude with nature or with animals. Whose to know if that is wrong because it’s not. Animals need to connection too! They have a spiritual sense too that some people thrive at connecting with. These connections we form whether with other people or animals form through our consciousness.

From a book I am reading on Psychic Empowerment, “Consciousness is very pervasive in every dimension in the universe.” Some people think that our consciousness is our mind thinking, but it is more than that. Even when we are unconscious, we are conscious. I read about Psychic Empowerment because we all connect for a reason and lift ourselves up for a reason each day we wake up from sleeping.

We have different levels to our consciousness. Sometimes we don’t realize why we are connecting to a place, a person, an animal we love, or an object we enjoy, but a different level of our consciousness connects us to that. Deep down inside we all have a higher self that commits to us and deepens our whole existence. Some people get caught up in their physical waking consciousness with their emotions causing them pain because they feel they can’t connect to another person, feeling angry. There is no reason any one should feel this way. There are connections with others for everyone. Think about this for the New Year to continue on your wonderful journey to live a better life. It’s that simple. To feel empowered you must believe your success is your destiny and believe you have greater worth in this world than what you originally believed. A simple success is just feeling connected to some part of you or some person or some animal. Always remember our belief is our perception and our perception creates reality.

It’s no wonder “We are who we AUT to be” because when we know what we want, feel connected, and feel positive about what we can do for the greater good of society, we feel empowered! There is no reason why society has to bring down Autistic people like myself, the rest of the Disability community, or any one for that matter to create a false belief that there is a normal. Because there isn’t one. Normal only exists from our physical consciousness society tries to pretend that there is. Diversity exists because we are all in this together to help each other and grow as a growing human race. Believe in yourself, be positive, and always know with faith anything is possible!!! Psychic empowerment is really self-empowerment and knowing we can be a positive contributing member of society with relaying our intuition, always feeling strong.

Hope every one enjoys the excitement of New Year’s Eve and Every one has a Happy New Year in 2013!!! Remember that only your experience in life can change the way you want it to, to feel empowered, positive, and successful.


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2 thoughts on “Why Connections Matter for the New Year and Fitting Best in Our Place in Society!

  1. theamazinj Post author

    Believe in and trust yourself to love the person who you are who can do great things!!

  2. alejandro murillo

    Tu madre es una persona hermosa .you’re soul is so beuatiful . many people in this world wonder if they can find theirs, do you know where it is?