Valuing Yourself, Others and Developing Better Positive Action

It’s important to value who you are as a person, what you do for others to develop better positive action in your life. Sometimes we become blindfolded from the influences of material things such as money that influences our values. Our judgement coincides with our action. When we have bad judgement, we have negative reaction. Every thing is cause and effect.

I am unsure whether or not society understands this idea. When society advertises bigotry, the value people see in themselves and others diminishes. No longer will they see the positive action that is intended for every one. Instead society encourages this discrimination because they post advertisements of it wherever. I hope to continue to inspire people to develop better positive action. People should not be encouraged by the internet advertisements or other media showing how society is allowed to devalue themselves and others in such a bad way. In fact, material things like money influences this bigotry that society advertises in front of us all.

The judgements we make are very harsh, but it is very important to instruct ourselves to create a better sense of who we are as a person. Some people do practice better judgements instinctively, but most do not. In fact, the laws we create in society are not being enforced enough when others are devalued and passed with false judgements based on what their disability, race, ideology, or sexuality is. For example, it’s okay for someone to be asexual as well as its okay for someone to be hetero- or homo-sexual. People are the way they are for a reason. Every one in society wants to live their life the best way they can. Not every one will be doing the same things and some people need more support to make it through a day.

Living the way we all want to be is important and no one should influence any one otherwise. However, this can also mislead a lot of people too. Some people misunderstand being who they are because we really need to live our lives in a morally acceptable way without being antagonistic. Not every one will like each other, but we all do have to be polite with one another.

The way society attempts to enforce the ‘normal’ is by advertising degeratory statements in a comical way. This encourages people to strive for connection by living in a so-called ‘normal’ life and telling others who don’t live their life a certain way that they are devalued. Notwithstanding we all need to learn the ways of being polite and respectful to each other. However, we all need to have certain standards.

Sometimes experiencing the unknown and creating a sense of warmth of comfort about what the unknown is, is very rewarding. Not every one can experience this sense of warmth of who they are nowadays because many people in society are cruel. The laws created to protect people are not being enforced as much as they should. How can we live in society when some laws are not being enforced and many examples of discrimination still exist? There has to be a way to not profile a person based on the ‘normal’ so-called testing that examines how a person really is. Society is not going to move forward when others’ abilities contributing to society are not being accepted and given a chance. It concerns me that society can lack so much empathy and stigmatize people. However what is also concerning is the aggressive behaviors many of these people who are cruel do which causes more aggression to every one.

When is society going to take action and enforce these many laws to help protect so many people from being victimized with stigma, bigotry, and being devalued?

It’s that simple. We need these laws enforced!

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2 thoughts on “Valuing Yourself, Others and Developing Better Positive Action

  1. Rayn

    I consider there to be a vast divide between society and government. Those who create the laws, and those who enforce them, have created a separate ruling caste for themselves, above the rest of us. But, you are absolutely right: we must revolutionize the way we perceive ourselves in order to create positive action. The smallest unit of is, in fact, the Individual, and we can shape society in our image, if we we can begin to understand the nature of our oppression, and our oppressor. Typically, “the limits of tyrants are proscribed by the endurance of those they oppress.” Becoming unsatisfied and “fed up” with the way things are is just what is needed from us in order to affect the change we seek!