To Feel Empowered To be who we are, To be Energized to Help ourselves and others

Today I am feeling good about what I do, however I have been reading many different other blog entries which are very sad. People need to feel pepped up in life rather than feel down. We should all continue to read other people’s stories as many other people have interesting stories to tell. My courage to entering the medical field as a ultrasonographer specializing in the cardiovascular (circulatory system) has been really rough. Though, as I just saw a quote by our President, Barack Obama on twitter telling the American people “In America, we don’t give up, we get up!” By doing so, no matter how hard someone beats you down with your work, you should hit back…harder until you have proven yourself. That is what makes anybody a superstar in their chosen profession or job. I know I am a great Ultrasound Tech because I know what I can do to do it right. Its time for anyone to feel empowered in their life!

I started a group where I live for Autistic Adults and it is still a work in progress. It is for Adults anywhere along the spectrum who want to smooth out their Self-Advocacy skills and feel empowered to live a more fulfilled life. Most people on the Autistic spectrum struggle to stand up for themselves. However if we all can come together to feel more empowered, more secure, a lot more stronger than what we already are, we’d be able to handle life much better. We have a right to live our lives without other people trampling all over us and not feeling overwhelmed by somebody who thinks they can get away with it. AUSSE (Autistics Uniting for Self-Advocacy, Support, and Empowerment) was evolved to help any Adult on the autism spectrum.  It’s time for strength, it’s time for the greatest love of all, it’s time to have the ability to feel good about what all of us do who are on the autistic spectrum. That’s why AUSSE was created and that is why it’s time for a change in what this whole world will think about Autistic people as a whole from children to teenagers to Adults all throughout life!!

GRASP, ASAN, Adaptations were the start for me and will continue to be there for me. However AUSSE is the beginning of much more, for everyone everywhere. May be AUSSE can help bring everyone together to end the anger, to end the frustration, to end the arguments, to just be one community giving a helping hand. As the lyrics from the song “Return to Innocence” By Engima;

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself don’t hide
Just believe in destiny

It’s important to help yourself, however once you have helped yourself, you can help other people to do what you have done for yourself. A lot of people have said I have great tenacity, great resilience, and great strength. Rarely do I get depressed. I have fought hard and I have fight even harder for more of a life for myself, for anyone who wants it too. No body can take that strength away from me.

We are all here together for a reason, to feel connected, to fear less, to be who we are, who we AUT to be in this world to be positive contributing members in this whole society. No body should feel like they can’t do something, when they actually can contribute to something to feel special, to feel proud, to feel connected to the world around them. Every one is meant to do something to help in society and feel empowered to stand up for themselves. Overall isn’t that what anyone needs for their life! I hope every one supports my new group organization I created and spread the word for Autistic people around the spectrum to feel more empowered to stand up to help themselves.

Its time to start being the Ultrasound Technologist I once was again to show everyone what a superstar does to become stronger and more vital part of the community. I know the government may be putting a stall on reimbursement for medical testing, but may be all of us can also come together to finally get it right no matter what the circumstance is. President Obama is our choice to create a better more constructive society to help everyone live their life. BELIEVE in him and you will see good changes taking place so don’t fight it! It will take awhile to see the changes take full effect so we need to be patient.

Hope everyone starts their week out very well and enjoys who they are to feel special!

Posting more soon,


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