Things to Look Forward To For 2013

I have been looking forward to so much for 2013. Although there are negative things going on in the world, there is still things to look forward to. Yet, it’s how you perceive your feelings is how you live your life. If you remember that the glass is always full of air mixed with water, then you’ll know things will be alright. Every one worries because it’s human nature to worry, but worrying is a misuse of imagination if you think about it.

1) Waking up to know we made to another year!!
2) Autreat 2013 and hoping for such a great experience again!!!
3) Continuing to help other Autistic people who need the help in 2013!!!
4) To ANOTHER AMAZING Autistic Artistic Carnival in 2013 on June 18!!!
5) To MORE Exciting new fun projects on this blog, DMC!!!
6) Looking forward to feeling more EMPOWERED to be BETTER than ever!!!
7) Looking forward to a SUCCESSFUL year of courage, career, and feeling damn fine good!!!
8) To Another Birthday too!
9) Seeing us thrive with Animals!
10) Waking up each day as a new day with new experiences to be learned!

Proving your worthiness in society is believing you are amazing and knowing your perception of yourself is guaranteed to believe the person you want to become. It’s the belief that you can do it, that makes all the world spin around. See, even the world spins, so what’s wrong with spinning? It keeps us going.

I know I have done it, I know you have done it, and I have known so many people done it, by allowing Neurotypical people to bring us down. Never let this happen again! It’s not right, It’s not fair to you, yourself, and your spirit. It’s the Power of Love that gives us the feelings we need to survive.

It’s time to take our Human dignity back to live joyously without guns, without violence, without anger, without the National Rifle Association (NRA), without greed, without the selfish people, and without politicians arguing for ego. It’s time for Politicians to think of the People, but most importantly how we are all living our lives to live with more positivity. Go OBAMA, I know you can do this for the people!!

Check out Vorya Yarow who writes so passionately about how to empower and help the Autistic tribe.

The time is now to feel good, to feel proud, and not let anyone brings us down…

Read these lyrics from Kenny Loggins’ Meet Me Half Way:

In a lifetime
There is only love
Reaching for the lonely one

We are stronger when we are given love
When we put emotions on the line
Know that we are the timeless ones

Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Out where the world belongs
To only you and I

Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Make this a new beginning of another life.


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