The Extraordinary moments Life Gives Us!

The Fountain of Youth charms us all. It carries the fuel that respects the ages. The Fountain of Youth gives us the demonstration of enjoyment, excitement, and familiarity of the unknown in all of us. Sometimes we smile and dictate what this will do and say. The will of what’s in our minds, hopefully fills us up. The blindness into the fountain of youth only is within a blink of an eye. Suddenly we enjoy the parts of us that gives us the dynamic range of who we all are. Fortunately the freedom of we are only stimulates diety, love, and expanding our spirits inside of us. The examples in our lives of growing minds only fulfills the purpose of who we are. The purpose of who we are lies within us. So, what is the fountain of youth? It’s only a way for us to reach out to be the person we were meant to be. What are we meant to be? It’s a purpose we need to figure out. Some people fuel destiny to live the purposes of life by sulking, molling, and feeling like a failure. Some of these things are destined to always give us freedom to feel the way are bodies give us. Some of our triumphant victories institute the range of commonwealth and stillness of who we are. The dynamic range only lifts us up. The range where we hear, listen, and feel the beat of life. Every song and every tune gives us the spirit toward the finish line.

Every beat we feel creeps us up only to enjoy life as we see it. However, sometimes life as we see it is dark, dreary, and sad, but the life we do and the life we make, make our beat a lot more powerful and flourishing with enjoyment. Sometimes we think we know what we need, when in doubt we need something different to live a life filled with extraordinary moments. Sometimes we need extraordinary moments to make the ordinary moments more willing to be comforting and grounded. Some of our grounded conscious moments only specialize in observing our humility in life. Why can’t all of us be humble all the time? Time and time again fountains of youth creep up in our vision to remind us what we truly desire. Other times we become blinded by everything that likes to spin us in a million directions by people who love us as well as people who don’t.

The mission we want is the determination to do it the way we see it, want it, and do it on our own. Finally, the parade of our life reminds us that sometimes the flowers bloom, the leaves come out, and spill on us at the end with all the colors surrounding us for being us. Each leaf and each flower spilling over us only gives us the Fountain of Youth we may need to give us the mindset we need, the colors we love, and the brains to think straight to give us the reality we desperately need for a success in all its practice.

Who wants to be only a failure? Who wants to feel like we aren’t making a difference?

NO ONE or at least I hope no one!

We all need this recognition for superstardom in the direction we take no matter what. Why? Because it’s a part of human nature.

So now I write a poem which reads like this:


by JSR

I’m done.
It sit,
and breathe,
next to my chair,
next to the pen I write on,
next to the feelings of
darkness surrounding me
all around.
I’m done.
The light is
pearcing through the
middle, but I am unsure
where the door is.
The door is approaching
as I walk through
the dark field of view
with my intentions of moving forward
inch by inch to the light.
The approach of my feelings
gets me to the determination
to see the door open wider
and wider, however I am waiting
for my hands to reach out and open
the door.
As I watch out and creepingly wait to
feel the door, I live , breathe,
and coordinate toward feeling the door.
The distance from the door to me is
I know the door is approaching because the
light is getting bigger and brighter.
It’s time to move, move step by step
toward the door.
As I open the door I
fall through the light in the
midst of blue skies with sunlight
in the distance. The sunlight
shines in my eyes as I fall
into a bright blue lake and
swim into the water with garnished vision of
water in my eyes,
I jump up and beyond the distance,
I see…


Posting more soon,


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