One last post for New Year’s 2013, It is Here and upon us now!!!!

2012 is behind me. There were Very good things that happened, and there were not so good things that happened. I am so proud of myself for have worked a job for the Autism Science Foundation’s Adult with ASD survey to improve services for Autistic adults. It was a tough job, but I worked hard and did it. I feel accomplished, I feel proud, and I am feel I am moving forward with my life.

2012 is behind me and the latter half of the year gave me much Joy with my job with Autism Science Foundation. I am ready for a 2013 feeling even better!!!

2013 will have it’s ups (and downs too), but if we focus on what we want to look forward to, we’ll be A-Okay. I will be the man I want to become, have the woman I want, and develop my self-empowerment with much gain to my advantage. I am a superstar spiritually because in a nutshell we all are superstars, we just have to believe in it ourselves. Being Humble is what makes us Hum-an. It’s what keeps us on our toes by staying grounded. It’s a feeling that makes us the best by not only helping ourselves, but by helping others also. Which by the way I am on the Board of Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY) and feel proud to be volunteering my time to help them achieve their goals as well. Advocacy and activism is so important!!

Thank you 2012 for starting a future for me that will help give me the self-determination that my mother always instructed me in the past to become. I found so much gain in 2012, that the heartache of this past year fades away so quickly. Life often teaches us lessons. Those lessons instruct us over and over again and eventually testing us. If we fail the test, we keep on taking it again until we pass it. I have grown. I still have my life to live and more tests to take. However, I am guaranteed to pass it with the self-determination to finish with style, grace, and humility. Eventually I will be older, wiser, and teaching what I have learned in the past. When my time is eventually up, I will feel proud to give myself up. For now I am in my thirties still learning the lessons I need to learn to live and grow my spirit the way I want to be remembered.

Things happen for a reason, but I believe it’s all in good faith!

(By the way, I just saw the movie Silver Lining with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper and it was a truly great love story filled with self-determination to beat the struggles in life. I highly recommend anyone who wants to, to see the movie, Silver Lining)


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