Obama won a Crucial Debate, For us Americans, and the World!

There is no clearer decision than voting for Barack Obama for a 2nd Term as President maintaining stability and a prosperous future. He is the best candidate at this time that we need for our country. We need to see how President Obama is creating this country to be better than it has in years. We should all be looking at what the grass looks like now instead of looking at other people have in the world. We can create unity, peace, and balance every where. The United States now is an important part of the world. President Obama has been trying to get things back on track since he took office in 2009.

This country needed changes from a lot of the corruption that has been going on throughout the nation in healthcare, oil, Wall Street, and many other industries. We need to focus our attention on helping other people and educating every one. There are too many people in the United States who don’t have an education whether it being a formal education to learn basic skills to vote, learning careers like engineering, other trades, and becoming a teacher. Instead most people want a career they can initially make a lot of money in. There are so many different careers for so many different people. Every one has a talent to do something they can put their mind to. The more people branch out in to other careers, the more diverse this country will be. Eventually when putting enough time in to a career you love, the money flows in more.

President Obama needs to focus his attention on keeping the Affordable Care Act in place for our future, educating every one to understand what’s going on in the United States and the world, and creating jobs through the many different career ideas around. He needs to also make sure trade schools and colleges and graduate schools are affordable for every one, and giving the people what what we need: continued strong leadership to insure he is leading us in doing what is necessary for this country. We do not need to focus most of our energy on the military because otherwise we would be creating more wars and more innocent murder victims of war.

War is negative and negative energy creates chaos and destruction. Instead every one needs to settle their emotions, not judge any one, and spend their time immersing themselves in focusing their energies to help one another. How does war begin? Well, let’s take the first step by saying war begins by 1 person bullying another person, it’s that simple. Bullying is a problem since bullying is like a contagious virus which spreads. For instance, when someone gets bullied at some point in their life, they are more inclined to become the bully later in life. Interesting, huh? We need to educate people about Neurodiversity, Sexuality, Religion/Theology, or other Cultures to eventually decrease bullying so every one will understand and accept.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time to end bullying because bullying is also a part of human nature. Throughout history so many wars big or small have been started. Wars could be as small as something that goes on at school to family wars to wars as big as when the whole world gets involved. Bullying becomes a problem when any one around the world can not handle their own emotions at the time and decide to antagonize other people. It happens in politics all the time. It is very sad this happens.

President Obama needs to keep the United States of America united as we continuously stand together without any one feeling out of place or taken advantage of or bullied by other Americans. America is 50 states, 50 states which are supposed to be united. The President of the United States is the person to keep this country united and bring balance to every one. I feel President Obama has the capabilities to do this because he cares about the people especially the most vulnerable; like people with disabilities like myself. It’s so important to understand and accept who you are and what other people want to live their life. It’s important for people to give back once they make it big, but it’s also important for those people to enjoy their life too. People who have millions or billions of dollars probably don’t need all that money to live. However, it’s important to understand there is always a reason why those people earned that amount of money. A lot of times the money gets to people’s heads and they forget where they came from.

My hope is to get as many people to vote for President Obama because he is a caring and humble man who is trying to create unity in this United States of America.

This is going to be a great legacy for the United States under President Barack Obama, I have faith in him!!

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