Mailbag for 3/7/2012

Here is a New Mailbag which can benefit everyone:

Mail from Madison:

My name is Madison. I’m sure you saw by the name space, but anyway! I’m in high school and I have been watching documentaries and saw the one with you in it and you caught my attention and I wanted to check out your website. I was reading through some of your writing and they are truly amazing. You have a real talent for seeing things differently in the world. Its unique, I like it! I guess I just wanted to complement you, and I just had a couple questions. Its alright if you don’t have time! I understand, we all get busy!

What are some life lessons you have learned?
What really inspires you in life?
What makes you push through hard time?

Thanks for reading!

Dear Madison,

I just wanted to post your letter on DMC because I felt others probably wanted to know the same things you wanted to know. Thank you for watching the This Emotional Life series and enjoying reading my blog.

The first question you have asked me, What are some life lessons you have learned? I have learned many lessons in life, but recently I have learned not to be too trusting of others all the time. Its not good to always trust everyone because you never know when you will be deceived. Another lesson I have learned is knowing how and when to stand up for myself which is a constant learning experience for me.

What really inspires me in life? I feel this is a rhetorical question for many people, but I feel a necessary one too. I feel really inspired by the many people who have succeeded before me knowing or not knowing they were on the autism spectrum. I find inspiration most of the time by going to a park to observe my surroundings lately. I feel really inspired by the many people who have succeeded before me knowing or not knowing they were on the autism spectrum. Even if it means just watching the current flowing in the water, the winds blowing the trees and blowing air through me, or watching other animals walk around as other people move forward not noticing them. I find inspiration by going to an art museum or listening songs like “Angels” by Robbie Williams. I always look toward my spirituality and I have always found Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” to be very inspiring. Every one should look themselves in the mirror sometimes to see what they can change to be a better person. However, every one should triumph toward their goals in this “One Moment In Time” to be themselves and no body else. Its good to be who you “AUT” to be because you never know what a difference you can make in the world. However certain changes sometimes need to be made in order to be a better person.

What makes you push through hard time? Well, I am always going through rough spots in my life, but I always get through them after all the headaches others put me through. My passion is to help people in any way I can in the most creative way I can think of. Even if it means getting up and getting out there to help a person in need. I know she wasn’t Jewish, but Mother Theresa put herself out there in such a way too. Although I find I need to spend a lot of time by myself in meditation to clear my mind and body from other people’s influences to be my own person.

Thank you for asking these questions and I really appreciate the kind words about me. I hope you continue to read my blog for further new posts whether its the latest AAC 2012 or fiction stories I write or showing new things I create or just to feel inspired.

Have a great day and beyond!!


Mail from Tim:

Jason I saw part of your video on PBS. I have a 7 year old grandson who received a diagnosis of Aspergers at age 5 1/2. He was quite normal before this time, but has become very difficult to handle as he ages. I love him very much. He holds grudges against me when I correct him. He lives with his mom in Colorado. His dad is an over the road trucker and is home only 2 days a month. His mom is home schooling him. He is in the second grade. He has explosions that are difficult to understand. His explanations are very hard for me to understand. I feel I can’t help him, but want to very much. He enjoys coming to grandpas overnight several times a week. We usually have a good time, but then sometimes without any warning he blows up and pushs over furniture and screams. I am working with his mom discussing this. She has a good understanding of what he is going through, and is a great help to me. She beleives she has Aspergers and thinks her husband has it too.
I would like to communicate with you in writing, if you would be willing. I have some questions to ask you that might help me understand him and behave in a way that is better for him.
I am a psychotherapist, but I feel very humbled by ”Joey’s” struggle. I hurt for him and want to help him grow and develop to reach his full potential.

Dear Tim,

I really can understand what you are going through with your grandson. First off, I think in order to start helping your grandson, you need to accept who he is by attempting to enter into his world. Many people on the autism spectrum including Aspergers tend not to feel accepted by who they are. We want to fit in with society, but get extremely anxious or overloaded if we aren’t connecting to anyone around us. We all deal with this in different ways. Some of us vent with our emotions, some of us retreat to nature, some of us start feeling very depressed/lonely, and some of us just continue to be who we are not caring what others think. Its matter of how the person copes with not connecting well to other people. Human beings need to connect to others, that’s just how it always is. No matter how hard it may be to see your grandson exploding his anger at his family, the entire family needs to understand why its happening to him. Your entire family needs to accept he is different and try to help him succeed with his differences. Sometimes its a matter of acceptance and exploring his world which can bring every one to new heights. The autism spectrum is an entirely different world than how Neurotypicals view society. However you will have to teach him how to self monitor himself to the rest of society so that your grandson knows how to switch it on and off. I have learned in the past, its important to be adaptable in society in certain instances like when with a friend always or as an adult on the job. There will come a time when he will know when to adapt and when to be himself. It just takes time to teach him, thus, becoming the person he most certainly will be. Some of us are Visual Thinkers (like myself and Dr. Temple Grandin), some of us are Math/Pattern thinkers, and some of us are just verbal thinkers (Just the way Temple Grandin puts it). I really want to thank you for your email. I hope I have been much help for you so that you can help your grandson and also continue to learn more about the autism spectrum. Please continue to read my blog for continued inspiration and enjoyment. By the way, you can also read the resources page at Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism for any additional books, films, etc. to help you along the way.



Mail about Artistas Cafe in Tampa Florida:

I received an email from a producer of a short documentary about a Mercedez-Benz dealership in Tampa, Florida who created jobs for people on the autism spectrum to work in a coffee cafe. I think the more employers are willing to hire people with disabilities especially on the autism spectrum, the more employers will see the benefits we can all give them.

Enjoy the short documentary from the link below:

Aristas Cafe

And don’t forget Autism Friendly Screenings are being shown everywhere from many different organizations around the world. The United Kingdom’s Autism Friendly Screening of the movie “John Carter” is one of those many films being shown. I fully support these functions to help an Autistic person to fully enjoy going to see the movie of their choice.

Finally, I hope you are having a great week and enjoy the warm weather coming our way. More posts in the near future…


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