Let Your Voices Be heard so Conversations don’t happen Without Us!

please sign this petition about House Oversight & Government Reform Committee: Include Testimony from Autistic People!!!

I had written a letter to my representatives concerning this matter from Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism post that linked to others like me to write a letter.

From the petition being made,

On November 29, the House Oversight Committee will be holding a hearing on Autism. Of all the groups and individuals represented in testimony on that day, one stakeholder is missing: anyone who is Autistic themselves. The House Oversight Committee must allow Autistic voices to be heard.

Isn’t it important for Autistics like myself to be able to voice our thoughts on issues that affect us?

This is an important issue regarding Civil Rights. I hope any one will understand we have every right to be included in the conversation that affects us.

Please help by signing this petition to not let the conversation in the House of Representatives happen without us!

Please also sign this petition too: PLEASE STOP our healthcare system from denying people with autism organ transplants and their basic human right to life.

Have a great day!


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