Let the Wheel turn!

The darkness falls,
the wheel turns,
the moods in place,
the times has come for change,
changes for the good
and not for the bad,
it’s impeccable,
it’s remarkable,
it’s evident and clear.
Time changes every moment we move,
every moment we sit,
every moment we think,
and every moment we concentrate
on what we want.
The moment we sit
down and clear our minds,
our thoughts, our concentration,
and the way we move
is the moment time stands still.
However things are always changing,
hence time changes.
There’s nothing we can do,
there’s no potion we can take,
and there is no fuel to help us to excel our energies;
instead we have to work through the moment of changes
time gives us to be who we are, be the best that we are,
and create the universe we want, we all want,
and what we will have once we allow ourselves to
move through time, through space, with our energies
FORWARD with time!

This is the essence of TiME! That is what we all need, what we need, and nothing more…

Be just, be kind, be humble, be respectful, remain dignified, and BE conscious of what you want in the UNIVERSE…

If you stop time, you stop change, you stop yourself, and above all you never learn of what beautiful things are in store for you. Remember to continue your thoughts through time and build your journey toward your ultimate goal: BEING ONE wisdom, ONE consciousness, and closer to helping others struggling in their path. We are here to help each other, but most importantly we are here to be the best we can be. No body can take what excites us, what energizes us to wake up in the morning, and we are here to give the gift of being who we are. We try ideas out that might work out and use the gift of life to help us through.

Change = Time = Thought = the constant moving universe of who we are

Thank you and posting more soon!


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