Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year on Thanksgiving we should all be embracing ourselves while following up with the connections we make to feel proud and happy. Thanksgiving has given us a meaning for our life to exemplify diversity in all it’s accord. Not every one will be exploring this feeling at this time, but my hope is every one will feel this way soon enough. Meet me half way, meet you half way, and meet the generations half way to live a better life of diversity. We all contribute to the love, acceptance, and embracing who we all are. The feelings we have and the feelings we want are just a deepened contribution society should be helping us to gain. It’s important to love people who care about you and do important things for you. It’s also important to embrace the very need that each of us is a star and each of us needs to keep on shining our star no matter what the situation entails.

I want to take the time to wish everyone, one very Happy Thanksgiving and be able to share your experiences with each other feeling as though life genuinely will feel more complete for all of us. Hundreds of years ago Thanksgiving was created for all of us to appreciate everything we have received in our life. It should also be about thanking society for being diverse and being able to accept the things we need in life. A part from Thanksgiving, this year has been a big year of transitions. Some of these transitions has embarked upon all of us the very need to change our attitudes, relate to each other more, embrace differences, and further our fulfillment of our life in the present.

We engage with so many people in so many ways that our life fulfills the very need of our age which changes day by day. Those days feel trapped sometimes, but we see the light shining bright only to keep our spirits high. Sometimes the feelings we get deepen throughout ourselves as a whole. However, the feelings we get every minute or every hour are the pretense to where we stand altogether. Thanksgiving makes us all realize that we are stronger than we may even realize about the fears which bring tears. Notwithstanding we may contradict ourselves and not feel we guarantee success in our own self. These things are an important part of who we are. If you are creative, be creative. Whether a left sided brain (more technical and conservative) or a right sided brain (more creative and liberal), we have to know what drives our perspective to enable us to feel compelled to not judge, be open minded, and live life feeling free to be whatever we choose to be.

Feeling joyous, feeling abstract, feeling clear, being intelligent, and sometimes being spontaneous are very important in life. We should not feel distracted by what makes us feel connected to the world. Here is a picture I am going to show you all:

From a great song by Kermit the Frog, “Rainbow Connection”

Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.

It’s time to enjoy Thanksgiving Day! I know not every one gets along, but at least we can accept each other’s differences.

Thank you and I hope you look forward to more creative works by me 😀


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  1. Jane Edgell

    I really liked that TV show I saw tonight about you and your life. I wanted to leave a word here and to see if you want to communicate at all about how my life has been and the different thoughts I had about your life.