Being the Person we must achieve to be

The Shadows are lying on the ground from the matter above which gradually lifts us up. Today brings us the start of Holidays. Passover for me, Easter for others who don’t acknowledge Passover, and the journey we are about to embark on is the beginning of adapting to a new generation of the universe. We feel alive and kicking, however we need to improve ourselves for the most part. No body can do change solely on their own, so we need a fraction of help from others. Ultimately, we have to do it on our own eventually.

Come as you are, come as you should be since one day you will do what you have envisioned to see. 2012 is a year of change, a year to adapt, a year to start a new era, and a year to learn more. Accepting people and who they are is just about the beginning to a peaceful bright star shining down on all of us all the time. As you read blogs like from Lydia Brown you read the words that speak about accepting somebody for what its worth. Many people like Lydia and myself want to be accepted. What does it take to be the person any one wants to be to achieve any goal?

Many people seem to be figuratively Kung Fu Fighting (like from the song from The 70’s disco era) just to be accepted and achieve their goals. Yet many people no matter who they are try to flash themselves toward the spotlight trying to engage themselves with everybody. Not every one is meant for the spotlight all the time and no body should fight to be seen in the spotlight. Like an old friend once told me, “Don’t chase the spotlight, let the spotlight come to you.” Every one has a chance for the spotlight when they work hard enough for it. However a lot of people think being accepted is being in the spotlight. Unfortunately, this is not true. Regardless, once in the spotlight, you must continue to embrace the people who care about you and the people you are engaging with daily. It is a tough job to facilitate sometimes for any one.

Being the Person we must achieve to be is to be the person we AUT to be in order to feel connections with other people. Connecting with others who care about us is more important than thinking about ourselves, but we still need to think about what we say before we say it. I just read another article recently about how not to carelessly write on social media sites because you want to be seen. The article can be read here at Social Media Sun which talks about how people who already became famous making careless mistakes on social media. We need to all take care in what we say because our life depends on it.

In that case, I leave you with this:

Being the person we are,
the person we become,
the person who stands,
who speaks,
who dreams,
who filters the sadness, anger, and rage,
who enjoys the joys;
but most importantly the person whose
future rests in our hands,
sometimes needs to sit back,
relax and learn what
the common ground is;
to harness and build a
better life to feel proud of who we are,
what we’ve done, what need to do,
and what we always do to survive,
yet feel grounded.

Love great, work hard, and remember what needs to be done to be accepted and successful! I will continue to learn from my family, peers, and professionals who in return learn from me too. Here is a current article by Amy Harmon from the New York Times, Autism Wars.

Enjoy the Passover (and Easter) weekend!!

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