Be who you are or Be who you ‘AUT’ to be

I am tired. I am tired of people telling me what to do with my life. I feel tired of how some people mock the medical field of what it truly is, to care for people. Medicine is there to help to be effective in their efforts not thinking about how much money they will gain and insurance companies should not be raising premiums. The rewards will reap for everyone if society allows it too.

I am tired. I just feel like people in society do not care about what my quality of life is and only cares about what theirs are.  I just feel tired, confused, and  sad. Why does every one around me have to be so damn harsh? Why can’t every one show the love for everyone else? Some people say I won’t amount to anything more than below the norm, when in fact I am a very creative person artistically who only wants to help others effectively. However much of society only want to help themselves. Its interesting to know how many people around all of society tend to escape within themselves and they say Autistics are that way, well, its the other way around for sure.   I got a hint for ya, may be NT’s are really Autistic and the Autistics are really NT. Hmmm, now that sounds interesting…

Who says we can’t be who we AUT to be anyway? Who says no body in society who is considered to have a disability can’t be as successful as a person like Steve Jobs was or Barack Obama is or the way Ghandi and Mother Theresa was or the way Patch Adams is? (BTW, I would have loved to be a doctor like Patch Adams is) What gives society the right to put limitations on people they consider to be failures of society? When in fact disability is a part of the human experience and at some point in everyone’s life, someone experiences what its like to be disabled.  Whether you acquire a disability from birth or incident, everyone establishes who they are as a person, and what they can do in their skills to develop success.   Don’t listen to anyone but yourself when knowing how and what you want to succeed in because otherwise you will wind up not being true to yourself!

I have not been living up to who I am, what I can do to succeed, and be independent.  However I do have Aspergers (Autistic) by the definition society gives me and been disabled by certain incidents in my life.   When is society going to accept me for who I am and when is society going to accept disability for what its worth.  Its not a bad thing, its a experience we all have to go through at some point or in many cases our whole lives. Therefore it does not mean certain people who can do it, can’t be contributors in society.  Although some people just need a job to feel special because any other jobs they wouldn’t qualify for anyway. Disability is disabling, but its also a greater strength than any other person who has not experienced it yet. However, once they do experience it the Neurotypical develops empathy for the very first time.

Hope y’all are having a great new year so far!!


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3 thoughts on “Be who you are or Be who you ‘AUT’ to be

  1. Dominique

    Hi! I saw your story on this emotional life. It was very inspiring and so are you. L love how honest you are in your blogs. Thanks for being authentically you! I will keep reading…Be blessed 🙂

  2. Rosa A. Uribe

    Good Luck, I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Great Inspiration. A big hug for you!