Autistics Speaking Day and My Experiences with Hurricane Sandy: Difficult Communications

This year Hurricane Sandy not only brought about hurt and pain to the Northeast, but sparked a greater need to love the very relationships we so desire in the people around us. Before Hurricane Sandy arrived, no one knew exactly what was going to happen except it was going to be really bad.

My experiences with Hurricane Sandy have been pretty horrible in terms of the wind blowing down trees, the power outages, lack of gasoline, and issues with internet communication. It’s important to have good communication because otherwise people become angry and afraid.

A communication response from Autistics Speaking Day occurred on November 1 in the midst of a Major Crisis in Northeast United States due to the aftermath of a widespread hurricane. Communication is important which is part of the reason why Autistics Speaking Day was created 3 years ago to give Autistics everywhere a chance to have their voice heard to insist the rest of society begin to listen to all of us.

It’s been pretty harsh for me and others this year who have not been able to participate on the official day. Thankfully, the founders of Autistics Speaking Day allowed posts and video logs after the official day. ASday (Autistics Speaking Day) will in the future perpetuate Acceptance, Communication, and Loving feelings from Autistic to Neurotypical. No one should feel like they don’t have a voice and felt like they don’t have a mind of their own. Every one does! That is why we have NeuroDiversity or Neurological Diversity.

We need to help not only Autistics, but many other Disability communities to not be afraid or pushed away unable to let their voices be listened to. I know I have been out of the internet for a work week without power, but the feelings I have are being able to help so many other Autistics who need that help to speak too.

What happened to understanding the abilities Disabled people have?

Much of society is still ableist, ignorant, and confused about how to talk to Autistics like myself. Most people rely on the medical model of Disability. What happened to the Social Model and Social Justice for people with disabilities? How much accommodation does disabled people need to make in society so every one will be happy? It is slowly changing toward the social model. There needs to be a balance of the two.

What makes up a person?

For example, when Governor Chris Christie and President Obama were walking together during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey’s Atlantic City, they were not walking around with labels. They were walking around as people. A person is a person like the pulse which beats in all of us.

We are the people, not we are the labels that society places on us. We all have a right to speak and receive the same benefits like any one else. We are the people with disabilites who are trying to change the perception society originally believed about us from a long time of discrimination and segregation. Now is the time for all of us to feel included with the rest of society because disability is a part of our existence. I know communication is important to receive positive feedback. The understanding of Autistics (from sensory issues, self-stimulation aka stimming, and feelings we have) and others with disabilities will forever be complete once society will accept us. Once this happens, this will allow people to forget labels, not judge any one, and be open-minded. So that we all can listen and respect one another.

I hope communication among every one of us gets better. My hope is Hurricane Sandy brought about more understanding, generosity, and feelings of love toward each other now. I am glad Autistics Speaking Day brought about more understanding and hope for a better tomorrow. We all will survive the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy someday becoming a unit of love without trying to hurt each other!

Thank you!

Posting soon after I get back on my own computer,


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  1. Rayn

    I’m glad that you still able to contribute a post for Autistics Speaking Day, in spite of the challenges you’ve been facing all this week, Jason. Hope you and your family all the best, along with your neighborhood, too! 🙂

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