Autistic Pride Day 2012 is finally here as well as the Autistic Artistic Carnival 2012!


Autistic Pride Day 2012 is finally here and its been an incredible trip bringing forth respect, understanding, and showing every one has talents to contribute to society.  There is still much progress to make, however we have made many strides. This year’s Autistic Artistic Carnival has grown so much to show the viewpoints other people do to contribute to all of us. My hope is that every year more people realize what I want to do and submit to Autistic Artistic Carnival also.

It makes me feel for myself about being an individual. For me, I am Autistic or Jewish or Tall or you can just say I am a Human being who is a part of my spirit moving forward in my journey toward finding peace. Every one is similar when it comes to trying to find themselves. Some people believe the spiritual unknown while others do not. However once you have reached a mark in your life where you become vulnerable, every one begins to embark on their spirituality. Most people turn to the religions of the world, but not many people turn to their own higher self in the truth of their own spirituality. Religions were created to help every one make the transition to spirituality easier. Most people these days are monotheistic while some people are still polytheistic. Whether you believe in 1 god or more than 1 god or no god at all, every one needs some help in believing in themselves knowing they can contribute to society too which is the main purpose of Autistic Artistic Carnival every year: to be able to believe in yourself to do good things. We can’t convince any one to believe in our faith, we can only convince people to believe in themselves with a positive attitude. We all have different experiences in life which leads us to our own belief system and our own way of contributing to society. For example, no body can go around New York City convincing many New Yorkers that their religion is better than any one else’s, thus persuading other people is not what we are intended to do in any way. However a lot of times we may all experience similar things in our lives. Autistic Pride Day 2012 is supposed to help every one realize, Autistic or not, we all have contributions to make because we all have our own belief system which helps us to move forward to stay positive.

I hope every one enjoys reading, watching, listening, and admiring the works from every one who has submitted their works to me for a Wonderfully Amazing Autistic Artistic Carnival!!

Have a wonderful day! Give yourself a break, find your higher self, and believe in what you can do!

You can find the latest Autistic Artistic Carnival 2012 on the top of the website next to where you can buy My Cafe Press products for Autistic Pride Day as well. I put a separate page for the bios and submissions.

Have a wonderful week!


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2 thoughts on “Autistic Pride Day 2012 is finally here as well as the Autistic Artistic Carnival 2012!

  1. Rayn

    The Autistic Artistic Carnival 2012 was awesome! It was an honor to be a part of it, Jason! I’m looking forward to next year’s show! 🙂

  2. James

    I saw the segment about you in the first episode of This Emotional Life, which led me to your blog. Your call to “give yourself a break, find your higher self, and believe in what you can do” helped me – thank you very much for being so kind.