A poem called The Time is Now…

(Spending time in nature with a friend, connecting, and just being)

It’s time to listen
It’s time to speak
It’s time for us
to make a mense and be a mensch.
It’s time for living a dream
leading a march away from the past.
It’s time to do what’s right.
It’s time for you and I
to give the gifts and receive what we
so desperately need.
It’s time for giving,
It’s time for letting go,
It’s time for reviewing who we are,
It’s time for success in all it’s nature,
It’s time for truth,
It’s time for the Life of indistinguishable dreams
away from the lies we say.
It’s time for us to be who we are
and live to what the tea leaves leave for us.
Finally it’s time to embark on a vision
we have all dreamt and we all
encounter just before we go to sleep.
Now is the time for the shades to drop,
and turn down the lights. all of us
shine outside with our unique gifts,
bracing for a chance to use them
to help our lives achieve more
with nothing more than the
guidance we get from being alone.
It’s time now to build it upward
toward strength and intelligence,
feeling joy not sorrow.
Let’s be together to remember
we’re all in this together!

***posting soon,*** (Get the Outreach out there by helping other Autistics who need the help!)


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2 thoughts on “A poem called The Time is Now…

  1. Holly Wells

    Hi Jason,

    My name is Holly and I saw your story on PBS. I am a fellow blogger and immediately hopped on my computer to check out your blog when you mentioned you were a writer!

    Thanks for letting us peek into your amazing life! You are a talented writer and I am so impressed that you are working with Ultrasound- you are one smart cookie!

    I grew up with a friend with Aspergers and he is one of the funniest and most talented people I know. He is the lead singer of a band and writes a ton too.

    I wish you lots of luck with your career and blog and look forward to reading more of your work!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  2. shuaib

    Hi Jason!!! I saw your story on PBS, I like your poem and I hope things are going well for you! Are you still working with Ultrasound?

    p.s. my mom says hi and likes your website name!!! she thinks it’s great how you have developed into a successful professional