A poem called “Sometimes I Need, Sometimes I don’t”

Sometimes I frown,
Sometimes I cry,
Sometimes I try,
Sometimes I don’t need to do anything,
Sometimes I lie,
Sometimes I sulk,
Sometimes I crawl,
Sometimes I walk,
Sometimes I am shy to talk,
Sometimes I talk a lot,
Often I feel happy,
But a lot more times I feel smart!
Feeling out of place in a dark, dark place,
only continues to lure until I reach the rainbow
at the end of the light where
guardians wait for me
to shine with them
to help others who are struggling
to do the same as I.
Humility is a strange thing,
but it’s still important to be humble
and strong.
The more we gain our heart,
the more we gain our mind,
the more we gain what we want
to do with our means to help
others even when we are with those
guardians in the light.
Some may call them angels,
Some may call them spirits,
Some may call them godly,
Some may call them energy,
in retrospect its the energy
that we reach which strives
for the union in ourselves.
Some need union with others,
while some do not.
The life you lead is the life you gain!
Lift yourself to the positive energy
that flows above to gain access
to your fullest potential to
be an angel flying above solely on your own in the universe above;)

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One thought on “A poem called “Sometimes I Need, Sometimes I don’t”

  1. Laurie Kasparian

    Much of what you say here resonates with me. I see, the word “energy” like you do, as a rather sacred gift.