A poem called “Life is…”

Life is…

by JSR

Life is grand only if you can
Life is blue only if you sulk
Life shows a rainbow of colors, only if you see it
Life is what you make of it, if you feel empowered
Life is a continuation of self-improvement, if you believe you can change
Life is smart, if you use your mind wisely
Life is bumps in the road, if you want to believe that,
but most importantly Life is just a new beginning each day of your successful life!

(Things will happen for the better if we can make our own succeeding day nothing more than a new day to shine. Someday I know my moment in Ultrasound will shine brighter, my moment to feel empowered to stand up for what I am to others will be greater, and the love I have deep down inside will continue to feel cherished. My family will continue to feel prouder of me and no body else in the world will walk all over me.)

It’s time to shine the starry night and see everything I am capable of!

posting more soon especially about a group I am starting,


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