A poem about Love for the New Year…

In Love,

by theamazinJ

Love is beautiful,
Love is scrumptious,
Love is Joyous,
Love is nice,
Love is ultimately who we are,
you can’t ignore it.
Love is ferocious,
Love is gigantic,
Love is stupendous,
Love is being who, we, the people,
want to be with.
Love is gorgeous,
Love is whoever you want to love,
Be in love or be in disgust,
but don’t ever be afraid of it.
Be cultivated in love,
Be gentle with it,
Giving Kisses,
Giving deep scrumptious hugs to the person you love
with nothing less than deep,
Most importantly give the gift of love to yourself
when some do not want or can’t LOVE someone else.

(A very Happy New Year to everyone once again!! Getting ready for a countdown in NY…)


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