A Moment of Silence

Remembering George Hodgins and other victims of disabled person’s abuse

There has been much sadness over the tragic passing of George Hodgins a few weeks ago. He was murdered by his own mother. This tragic passing has created a soar of sympathy for the many autistic people murdered by their own caretakers and family members. Many people have come together with the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network by creating a day of mourning on this very day March 30, 2012.

It is very sad to hear about a disabled person who tragically died without living a fulfilled life because everybody needs to have a chance to live their life the way they want it to be. No body can take the dignity away and cut a person’s life short just because someone seems different. Life continues to move on yet we need to remember those people who couldn’t live their life the way it could have been because their lives were cut short. We need to continue work hard so that one day we don’t just think of what good we could do for ourselves, but what we can do to help a person who has a disability.

People become disabled every day, some acquired from childhood while others become disabled from life experiences or health issues. Whatever way it is, we live our own life feeling positive and trying the best we can. When you take a look at an Autistic person’s life such as George Hodgins, he had many issues being Autistic, but he needed the support from his family to accomplish his dreams. Sometimes it just takes love to feel comforted with everything you do and feel supported by people who care about you. Love builds between people only when there is enough patience to hold on and support the person you care about.

People may not believe what love can do or they may not have enough patience for the person they have to care about, however people have to learn to feel other people’s pain without walking away feeling like they can’t do anything. Part of loving someone is having empathy and part of growing is to love others. Otherwise you learn to develop negative feelings toward people.

Today its time to think about not only the tragic deaths of disabled folks from their caretakers/family members who murdered them (like in the case of George Hodgins), but also we need to all start giving more love toward each other. Being different is not a specific trait, its just being Human. If you are having trouble to love and care for any one, then start today!

There are many Vigils around today on this day of Mourning, so I hope you come to one of the vigils to remember those autistic and disabled victims who have died tragically remembering what your human spirit was made for. If you can’t make it to one of the Vigils today, I hope you devote a moment of your time today to reflect on your human spirit to give to people with disabilities what you have given yourself.

~~~A moment of silence~~~

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

Dalai Lama

In addition, the documentary, Bully has started its limited engagement in theaters across the nation. Not only should we think about the disabled victims who were killed by caretakers/family members, but we should also think about the disabled victims of bullies who tragically passed on too.



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One thought on “A Moment of Silence

  1. Rayn

    Thank you for posting on this most important topic! George Hodgins should be remembered by his name, as an individual, no matter how much the media paints him out to be the “autistic son,” “autistic man,” and “low-functioning autistic.” We must not remain silent as even a hint of eugenicist agenda creeps back into our lives!

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