Why is Interdependence more important than Independence?

We urge each other to live happily ever after by doing what counts in our life. Some people listen to their instincts while others try to fight their emotions in an emotional outcry to live independently. We live in an interdependent world for a reason because very few people can fully live with no support. Some people need more support than others although we all need some kind of support to help get through the basic needs of survival. We are connected to each other all the time now through social networks we crave like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other internet sites to connect with. Some people are lonelier than others, but most importantly every one becomes lonely at some point during a day.  Some people who say being alone most of the time does not bother them have decided to give up on finding a connection with a person. In any case, people will find any connection they can follow like even a connection with an animal to know they are not alone.

Being who we are and who we AUT to be is part of our life, but we also need to feel connected to someone who gives us support. It starts with family and branches out to other people we can connect with who are similar to family contributing to our needs. However we need to feel some part of the day that we can do some things on our own. Its important to adapt to whatever we are working or doing at the moment to determine if we can do it on our own or needing some kind of support. These decisions can only be made when we can intuitively know what situation we are dealing with. Sometimes our physical bodies can inhibit us and sometimes our minds slow us down from stress. It does not matter who you are and what your place is in society whether you are Autistic or Neurotypical, we always need some kind of support system big or small.

People often say they want their independence, but the path to success does not lead to the totality of independence. We need a good support system to be dependent on too. Recently, The Autistic Self Advocacy Network sent out requests for an ACTION ALERT: What Does Community Mean To You? Let Medicaid Know!. Community is important because the community you choose becomes part of your support network included with your family. Medicaid needs to understand the basic human rights every one has including those people Medicaid serves. Every one deserves to live in communities inclusively together so that any one can succeed in society and learn from each other. It is important for every one to live together and support each other. There is no room for segregation in this world. Besides segregation just inhibits a community from really bonding and contributing to help each other learn how to function in society.   Looking back in History many different kinds of people were often segregated, but it always failed. So why does the government want to segregate a group of people who have disabilities? What is a disability anyway?  Well, I feel the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network has started the right conversation in beginning to end segregation.

Whoever you are and whatever you do in this society, you still need some kind of support to help you through daily living sometimes. No body can always do it on their own and we all need someone to get us through our mistakes and mishaps.

(Just a small post which I can expand on later, posting more soon, Autistic Artistic Carnival coming soon too!)


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