When Opportunity Knocks on your door, take it and cherish it

Reaching over time
engaging over our existence
we define who we are as a person.
Some reflections of who we are
approach us in the mirror.
Some ignore it,
while a select few embrace it.
The essence of who we are
and what we can do
is signified by our
region of interest
in our mind which
tells us what and how to
be successful in
our life.
Things come and go,
but most importantly
our essence of what we
can do to be a superstar
lives in us forever.

The forever gold we love to feel and taste in our life. We have a feeling for our desires to do well no matter what even if it requires making mistakes to do well. We may make mistakes, but we sure do learn from them. As long as you learn from your mistakes, you will never make them again.  We make mistakes because we are human.

Here is an image of something to know as you become more successful:

Take a look at this sign, which way will you go:

Don’t leave behind any opportunity that can take you very far!! By going far with the opportunity, it will be well worth it in the end…

Learning is everything and no body can do nothing to stop you from learning. Just learn from your mistakes and you will notice the amazing changes that happen in your life. Be well, be safe, and think different!! Every one gets the chance to prove their capabilities to earn an opportunity which should not just be passed down when it was given to you. The opportunities given to us should always be cherished like a treasure. The jewels inside our opportunity will only be worth something more if we actually respect them and treat them well. We should always love what we do, I know I do and you should too!!

posting more soon enough,


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