Thinking, Breathing, motionless on the ground

Be a Star, A SuperStar!!

I think
I breathe,
I am motionless on the ground.
My body walks in to the wind,
but I am completely let loose.
I hear a voice calling out of
someone who once said
“Do you want some tea?”
I say “I don’t like tea or even coffee.”
Then they say “Do you ever want some lemon or lime?”
I say “Sure, It helps me talk better.”

What can you do to help me move my motionless body?
Can I actually leave it all behind and start over?
Do I have to continue trying to move me?
Sometimes I sleep and my body is motionless while…
Sometimes I am awake and feel motionless while…
Sometimes I can move like the wind while…
and I can actually run, walk, or even drive while…
Time falls in to a category engaging in
our thinking. The more we
think, the more we engage in our
own ideas. The more we be still,
the more we can move with the moments.
The more we move with the moments,
the better off we will succeed.
Stopping by to encourage others
is the only way to encourage
who we can be too!
Now its time for a long hooray
and the decency of the moment’s
As I breathe the air
I sit their motionless
on the ground
not thinking,
just being.
What can we do
right now,
let it yourself

here is an image of the motionless gray that begins to flow in to bright colors swirling around after sitting motionless: (Just the beginning of an image)

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One thought on “Thinking, Breathing, motionless on the ground

  1. Nathalie

    This is beautiful! The poem is amazing. I feel the same way about a lot of stuff. I saw your story on “This Emotional Life” and you are an inspiration. On days when things do not seem ok, push through hard times. Keep writing poems. You are a blessing from God, creative, and special just the way you are. Thank you for being brave and strong enough to share your story. It gave me a lot of insight. 🙂