The heavens above are every step I make…

The heavens above are every step I make…

For every generation the skies above are every step I make
I may be down and depressed sometimes,
I may have my dignity torn a part
I may be sitting on a rock pouring my heart out for a few minutes
I may be hitting it up with my rocker to be a star

Most importantly I am discovering the solitude
in me to live my life with every bit of love
I can sense and create.
Most people feel the energy they live in
and don’t understand how to undertake these goals.

Instead mark your calendars,
to live to the successes you want
since your ultimate goal is to
give as much love to the world
as you can possibly control.

Sometimes you may feel scared
Sometimes even hurt,
it does not mean you sulk.
Gearing up for those amazing
happenings ready your way
trip it up, and you will feel it coming…

(As I get ready to leave now, I leave you with one thing to always keep in mind, God ;)’s winks no matter what every day of every second, Watch more often)

more posts returning soon,

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