The fiction story: The Inspiring Adventure of Something the Lord Made

The Inspiring Adventure of Something the Lord Made

The day started like any other day with the sun coming in bright and the sky full of colors on a beautiful summers day in Spain.  Just as the day began, began a new beginning of life on Earth, a brith of a little baby girl to an unmarried Barcelonian couple.  The baby was born very thin and fragile with beautiful blue eyes as most babies do, but she had a glow in herself that could have been the sun hitting as the sun was very bright that day. Instead it was as if it was a presence from g-d.  But, as gifts are given to people, not many people are so appreciative of their gifts.  Two days later, after 2 days of something the lord made ended, the baby is left with only her and her Autistic mother.  The father who is also Autistic left because he couldn’t handle the whole new changes in his life.  This affected the mother so much in that she cried all through out the day not knowing what more to do ignoring the special baby created by her and her boyfriend. A family takes her in after the mother gives her away to an orphanage in Madrid. When Avrila was finally adopted she just turned 5 years old.

The Inspiring Adventure of Something the lord made continues…

The family who adopted her was a family of 8.  Avrila was introduced to her 4 new siblings, 2 of them brothers, and two of them sisters.  The grandparents also had lived with the family too and Avrila was the 9th family member in the family.  However, she was not very close with her new family except for her new brother, Apelarto Alejandro Fernando Martinez who was the same age as Avrila.  Avrila would soon find out her new brother Apelarto were connected somehow.  They lived with the rest of the family in New York City in the Southeast Bronx in a large apartment with 3 bedrooms.  The parents slept in the the living room while the older children were in 1 bedroom and the younger children (Avrila and Apelarto) were in the 2nd bedroom.  The grandparents were living in the 3rd bedroom  right by the bathroom.

Avrila had fears she could not possibly understand and Apelarto somehow felt similar feelings to Avrila.  Together in the bedroom they would sleep in their beds with the blankets over their heads not saying a word the whole night. The parents who would walk in to the room from time to time at night saw the fear the 2 children had.  Sometimes the children would barely get any sleep and the next day would be sleeping at the breakfast table sometimes falling face forward on their scrambled eggs and bacon.

The parents were very concerned about both children and would often try and console the children before they went bed.  The 3 other children, Jose, Kelvin, and Regina who were about 10 years older than their 2 siblings often would talk about their high school life  ignoring their young siblings, running to school afterwards. Josefina, the oldest was going to college next year and is applying to colleges, but he just got a letter in the mail saying how she won a scholarship to Oxford University in England.  Jose is brilliant student who goes to Stuyvesant High School and getting straight A’s in most of his classes.  Kelvin and Regina who are twins, go to Bronx High School of Science and are three years behind Jose.   The parents are very proud of their oldest children, but never understood their 5 year old son Apelarto until they decided to adopt Avrila.

Avrila and Apelarto have interesting talents they both share together, yet they haven’t really spoken to each other about it.  Avrila keeps to herself since she was adopted and Apelarto seems to be too shy to talk to any one especially his new sister. During the day, Apelarto plays with his superhero toys he bought and Avrila draws many amazing pictures by themselves. The parents Camille and Rafael want to better understand these two seem to be troubling children who they don’t realize are very talented in a very peculiar way.

Camille seeks out a psychologist in the city she found in a newspaper ad who may be able to help…

And so the story continues soon of the self discoveries of two very similar children who soon embark on an adventure… as these 2 children develop a lasting relationship and bond together.  Avrila and Apelarto don’t know their potentials yet, but soon they will.

(I hope you like the story you read so far as you wait to read more)

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