The Fiction Story: Something the Lord Made continues…

I know its been awhile, but here is the NEXT Chapter in Something the Lord Made continues;

Chapter: Fighting Bullies

It was half past midnight on a cold dreary wet night and Avrila is now 10 years old sitting in the park next to the apartment. Apelarto is resting on the trees gazing at the stars. Avrila has developed her skills more and learning much about her past. As she moves forward, she realizes why she has these psychic abilities that she recognized 5 years earlier.

As Avrila sits on the ground meditating, her brother gazing at the stars lying next to a tree, she suddenly gets up. Apelarto whispers to Avrila “We better get moving now I feel there is a group of teenagers approaching us now who look like trouble.”

Avrila holds her hand out to her brother saying “Stop right there, we are staying here until they come.”

“What? Avrila, we have to get moving now because mother is getting worried about us.” says Apelarto

Avrila warns him once again to stay with her because their friend Kelvin is in trouble.

The group of boys approach the area where the two siblings are and held captive by them is the siblings friend since Kindergarten. Avrila gets up to approach the boys when one of the boys takes out a bat pointing at Avrila.

The boy with the bat says to Avrila “What are you going to do now? You want to try to save your boyfriend.”

Avrila says “I am not afraid of you and will not let you do any harm to my friend.”

“Ohhhhh, I see, you are his girlfriend.” says the leading boy with the bat

“Let go of him now or you will regret every moment of this in the future!!!” commands Avrila

The leading boy holding the bat, lifts the bat up and hits Kelvin in the hand breaking it. The gang of boys run away and little Kelvin is weeping in pain.

Avrila yells out as the boys are laughing “He’s Autistic, you bunch of morons, Get a Life and understand other people. I told all of you, you boys will regret this and every one of you will!!”

Avrila grabs her friend by the shoulder and lifts his cold body up as Apelarto runs over to call 911 emergency. Avrila begins crying trying to calm her friend down. Just before the police arrive on scene, a miracle happens. Apelarto notices Kelvin’s hand turning blue and wiping his hands together little Kelvin feels a fiery white smoke over his hand. After the white fiery smoke disappears, Kelvin’s hand is mended and only looks like a bruise. However, Avrila is lying on the ground seeking help from the ambulance because she is short of breath with Apelarto standing there trying to finish healing Kelvin.

When Avrila is brought to the nearest hospital in the Bronx, the doctors finish examining her noticing she only had a panic attack. The police bring Kelvin back home to his parents and the mother is grateful he was finally found after 12 hours of worrying. When Avrila and Apelarto walk through the door their mother wraps her arms around both of them then spanks Avrila in her back telling her not to get her so worried like that anymore. But Avrila reassures her stepmother that she was looking out for her friend Kelvin who was missing for hours. Apelarto never says anything about his healing powers to his mother and goes to bed at 11 o’clock in the morning…

Later that week, Avrila sits on her bed thinking about how to empower her friend Kelvin to live a well deserved life as Apelarto is resting on his bed. Her friend is very talented in the arts and loves to build things. She worries her friend needs lessons in speaking up at the right moments for himself and believes it is long overdue… If only Kelvin knew how to assert himself and not let every one push and victimize him. Avrila wants to help him so desperately build his confidence so that she can move on. As Avrila sits, she begins lying down paralyzed to her bed for the next few hours. She gazes through the sky flying through the air when she sees her friend Kelvin being comforted by his mother. Kelvin’s empowerment of himself starts now with the love of his mom and the love from his friend, Avrila watching him through the window. A few hours later, Avrila gets up off the bed at 5 o’clock in the evening smiling as she gets ready to eat with the family.

She walks in to the dining room with a smile and her stepmom, Camille says “C’mon Hon, Let’s eat!!” They eat their food while her friend Kelvin builds his confidence in a martial arts class his mother signed him up for.

(The story continues soon. It just keeps on moving until the end.)

Next Chapter in Something the Lord made about Avrila and her friends is: Self-Empowerment, Self-Advocacy, and the role models in the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network…

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