The Fiction Series Returns::: Something the Lord Made, the story of Avrila and Apelarto

The next chapter, “A love so great”

A few weeks after Camille and Avrila brought Kelvin back to his home early in the morning, Avrila stands in front of the school she goes to right now for kindergarten pondering about her little friend Kelvin who is on the Autism Spectrum. Her mother Camille has been helping her out for weeks now writing letters and contacting the city school district about the Avrila’s friend Kelvin who is a very intelligent boy who keeps on being bullied by other children since the teacher who used to not treat him well. She is striving for a safe inclusion of children like Kelvin with his peers and teachers in regular classes. The school district wants to place him in a special classroom setting with other children similar to him. Avrila has been telling her mother that she would like to always see Kelvin in her class because he is very intelligent and caring. She tells her mother she feels there needs to be a change in the way people think about someone who is different. Camille has been using information from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network she found the internet to plead the case about the little boy named Kelvin. In the meantime, Apelarto runs in to the school as Avrila sits and waits for her friend to arrive. When Kelvin does not show up, Avrila begins to worry about him. She begins to cry with tears dripping so long and hard for her friend Kelvin. She thinks the school system already placed him out of her class. With Avrilas’s spite she begins to start yelling “Where are you Kelvin?”

Apelarto is staring out of the classroom watching his sister and runs out to get her. Apelarto tries to calm Avrila down, but she is feeling very upset. The principal comes out of the school to tell Avrila that Kelvin is not coming back and is in a special school for children like him. Avrila feels it is unfair and says to the prinicpal, “Why?”
The principal says “Because your friend can not function with us.” Avrila begins yelling “What makes you think he can’t Function with us?” then says “Kelvin is very intelligent and we all need to be more understanding of different kinds of people, what gives you the right to judge functioning. I bet you Kelvin will succeed far greater than you….”
The principal tells Avrila “I know you are very upset, but that does not mean you insult me, I am your prinicpal! Please respect me!”

Avrila give it right back to him “Then you respect any one who walks through the school doors!!”

The principal sends Avrila to the detention hall where she will be spending an hour in the afternoon.

Meanwhile at the school where Kelvin is at now which is a private school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Kelvin seems to be doing really well with his peers and every one loves him. He is performing well and the teachers are impressed with how very smart he is. Kelvin is drawing many things and is learning about animals a lot. He begins to look at a picture book of animals and tells every one how he wants to be an Animal Doctor when he grows up. He loves animals and plays with the school dogs a lot. He is very unique and different in addition to being very smart when it comes to his way of thinking. Avrila would be ecstatic right now if only she had a chance to see him.

Right now she is in the principal’s detention hall for her actions the principal didn’t like. When the hour is up, Apelarto walks home with her. On the way home, Avrila begins to feel kind of awkward and starts entering in to a trance. The first few time she really knew what it is since she realized she was a psychic medium from the psychologist and his psychic friend. Avrila enjoys many things especially helping people, but after her trances she needs to get back home quickly to take a nap for at least 2 hours. It completely wipes her out. Apelarto notices her aura change to a more complacent color when she is sleeping and then wakes her up to let her know she is better. The two siblings work together to be best of friends and helping each other out no matter what…

When Apelarto goes to wake his sister up from her nap, Camille smiles in the background as she goes back to cook a nice scrumptous dinner for the family filled with plantains, rice, beans, and roasted chicken. Her husband Rafael walks through the door from a long day at work and Camille yells to her family, “Dinner is served.”

Avrila and Apelarto are the first to walk in to the dining area of the apartment while their older siblings follow them. One of the older brothers messes around with Apelarto, but Avrila tells him to shove it. They all sit down at dinner minus the 2 grandparents who were living with them who recently died. They all say a little prayer for their grandparents/parents as Avrila leads the family in prayer and they bow their heads in ~silence~. Afterward they all dive in to eat Camille’s delicious meal and begin talking about their day.

Just before Avrila goes to sleep, she bows down to say a prayer for her friend Kelvin and stays up for the next hour meditating on how to get people to understand and make a difference in the society to accomplish her goal that every one should be accepting of who they are and especially understanding other people. As she goes to bed, she wishes her grandparents well, up in the heavens and thinks about what her biological parents must be doing now. She says goodnight to the stars and falls asleep…

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