The empathy is the key to our life ahead of us as well as feeling inspired

How many of you have empathy? How much empathy do you have? Empathy is a way for our emotions to feel what other people feel. So, how do people know if they are empathetic or not. The most empathetic individuals seem to go the most far. Empathy seems to grow more by the experiences we have in our past. Some people can feel other people’s emotions when they are very young.

Here is an image of empathy:

Notice the way the two hands are holding each other. They must feel each other’s feelings through the touch by the colors surrounding the image.

Every one is different and unique in many ways. So, how can you interpret one person and think some one else sitting next to them is the same. To be truly empathetic, each person has their differences yet can relate to similar experiences. People on the Autism Spectrum are not the same, we are all different, but can relate to similar situations we all had. Yet, the experiences we all have are what tells our own story from one person to the next. I am happy to see many other people on the Autism Spectrum telling their stories on YouTube, blogs, and even social networks like Facebook. It is important to tell YOUR story so that other people can listen and may be even relate. The picture below gives you an example of the experiences many people on the Autism Spectrum face.  Some people think people on the Autism Spectrum lack empathy, but that certainly is not the case all the time.

I imagine many times in in our life we feel inspired to do great things by observing someone else or by creating an idea in our minds which can help others.  Today I saw another amazing picture from one of my Facebook Friends where he created Autism Buttons of inspiring words for any one on the Autism Spectrum to feel great about themselves.  It is all about Self-Esteem when you feel good about yourself, but not arrogant.  Yet, every one is different and faces different battles in their life.  

If ever you want to know true empathy, look in to an Animal’s eyes. For instance, look in to Chloe’s eyes and you will see how she can feel your feelings.

I will be posting more stuff really soon so gear up my DMC readers.


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