A Head’s up for submissions for Autistic Pride Day’s Artistic Spectrum on DMC!

Today I have decided to start giving people a head’s up for Autistic Pride Day’s Artistic Spectrum for Drivemomcrazy.com!

I know Autistic Pride Day is not for another 6 months, but I want this year to be the BEST Autistic Pride Day on DMC’s Legacy.

Any one on the Autism Spectrum who is an Artist, Musician, Writer, Photographer, an amateur movie Director or even an Inventor can submit to me at Autisticprideday@gmail.com to be published on DMC June 18, 2011 for the every one to see. Invention creations must be written in a composition format with no more than 350 words submitted with a picture of your invention. Artists and Photographers must create 3 of their best works. Writers must submit 2 of their best drafts of poetry, short story (350 words), Haiku, or a 350 word composition of what makes them feel good about their Autism. Musicians must submit 1 song which reflects why they feel being on the Autism Spectrum is amazing. Movie Directors can submit one 10 minute movie with the topic, what makes you feel happy being on the Autism Spectrum and/or what is your biggest drive/passion to succeed in this world.

For every submission I post on DMC for Autistic Pride Day June 18, there are some ground rules. I will choose only 1 creation so get your pencils sharpened and your minds geared up to create your feelings for Autistic Pride Day. Remember it has to be appropriate (NO obscenities and BE positive), and pertinent to Autistic Pride Day. I want to show the world what the Autism Spectrum can DO! Take your time and be patient with your works since you have 6 months to create something for me to see. The deadline for final submissions will be June 1, 2011. I will post the best of 5 submissions I receive in each category on June 18 at midnight eastern time.

I will continue to post often on DMC as always many different kinds of posts and update you on the project for June 18, 2011. Later I will be posting a Emblem/logo for the Artistic Spectrum for Autistic Pride Day. I will check my emailĀ Autisticprideday@gmail.comevery week from March to June, to see what submissions I have received. Good Luck and start creating! A formal announcement will be coming in March.


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