Spirits here, Spirits Everywhere, Angels Near Us All the Time

Every one is lucky no matter what, you just have to open your eyes. Most people only want to see certain aspects of their humanity with the world around them not seeing seeing the whole essence of what is offered to them. Why can’t any one see how lucky they are to be alive?

Let’s first take a look at the definition of the word lucky. The dictionary defines it as producing or resulting in good by chance. Now don’t we all have chances to succeed. As long as we try and try to be the best we can be. How can any one think or even feel they are a failure?

We all can succeed in our own successes. Not every one succeeds making a lot of money,but what we do need to know is what we do to be productive in society. Life can be very tough at times. We may not think we are lucky sometimes because the bad feelings we may sometimes have. For any one to be lucky, we need to open up our minds to every thing around us. What can people do to open their eyes more?

We need to see what good we have first before we even consider the bad. Most of the time our life is always about giving in to our bad feelings, but life is not just about that. It is more. We need to consider the good interactions we make with other people (and nature) to improve the quality of our life. The more we connect with every thing around us, the more our communications expand before our eyes, the more we see the good in life.

I have had many interactions/connections in my life between people and nature, but my most important feeling about these interactions is not all of them are good for me. Not every one is a nice person always wearing a smile on their faces, we see many angry, disgruntled, hurtful, or just plain pests of people in the world. How do we distinguish the good from the bad?

The good people embark on a good smile and rapport with people and nature. The bad seem to do the opposite. The bad seem to not see how lucky they really are in this world and don’t want to live their life positively fulfilling. Nevertheless, every one grows up differently.

A long term goal of mine is to reach for the highest star in the night sky and fly through the darkness making many sparkles a long the way. For now, I just want to help myself to have a paid job which accepts me for who I am and appreciates the good quality work I do. Helping others is as important to me as it is to help myself. I learned when I help people, it helps me even greater than just helping myself. When I help other people, I began to evaluate who I am better, and it allows me to see some things I have never seen before.

Many times I have thought I knew, but when I helped someone else I instantly became a better person. We are always in this process of learning and never really know how many times we go through this process throughout life. Just before we move on to the other side, we never know if we fully achieved everything we needed to do, but we can say ‘we tried our very best’. How can we call upon for help to guide us through this life?

Spirits and Angels are every where around us. They are there for us always to bring people in to our life to help us through our own struggles. Open your eyes and you will see Angels are near us all the time. You can feel them next to you when you are sitting down or standing up or walking to the grocery store. How can these Angels be free and about?

Angels carry their strength from so many places at once. They help us survive certain situations and even guide us to the other side when its our time to go. I feel they push us out of a toxic situation in order to rehabilitate our souls to live a better life. A lot of times if we are around a single person who intoxicates our life, it drowns our spirit, whereas we are given the CPR to save our soul.
The world can be a cruel place and they’re many people who don’t feel the luck of living.

People are people, angels are guides to help those people, but most importantly, every one needs successes in their life to feel proud.

sing these words I just wrote:

I see you and your guiding light
helping me through my journey.
Finding who I am,
electrifying us to just be
the kind souls we are.
Help us,
guide us,
Be our pal
and most importantly
help guide us be yours
one day.

We can do it!


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