Sitting in my room, gazing at my goals, as Chloe the Maltese dog lies on my bed

A dog day morning…

As Chloe the maltese dog lies on my bed this morning, I think about my life and what I have accomplished so far and more I need to accomplish. This morning I woke up with intentions of fulfilling these accomplishments I need for myself. As I look closely at my life, I see things I want to do in the future, as Chloe the Maltese dog jumped off my bed, and decide whether or not it can happen. I realize the possibilities are endless. I want to accomplish so much. I think about what I would like to present this year at Autreat 2011. I know I have until May 1 to present my proposal for a presentation, but at least I am thinking of it. Autreat 2011 which is held in August this year looks like I will be able to attend. The other day I was looking through some things with my mom and she showed me tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida which were bought more than 20 years ago. I realize the Autism Society of America conference is in Orlando, Florida this year. I have not been in that area for a long time. I wonder if I can get a job where I am appreciated for my intelligence and skills as well as something I like, could I possibly be able to go to ASA this year to watch every one speak in Orlando and enjoy Autreat?

Nothing would suit me best, but to be able to go to both the ASA conference and Autreat. I hear the Harry Potter theme park is open in Orlando as well. Although I don’t know if I would have time to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park from Universal Studios, but you never know what could happen. Every day is a new day!! As I wait and sit for the first email submission for the Autistic Artistic Carnival on DMC, I think about what a great project this is and will always be every year. Please feel free to submit something you want to share on DMC.

In a few minutes I head out to go to act out some role playing for the day, but I will be posting later on so gear up for more posts and continuation of my current story.

Have a great day and please feel free to submit some of your art or writings or a short film about yourself for DMC on Autistic Pride Day, June 18!!

PEACE be with us all, (don’t let bad things get to you)


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