Silence is a Golden Opportunity to learn more

The best way to teach someone a lesson when they can’t learn any thing else is by giving that person the silent treatment. Silence is very powerful in a lot of ways more powerful than hearing someone speak. Sometimes you need to be silent in order to get your meaning across. Powerful messages are sent across at least 2 people when nothing is being said.  Body language expresses more feeling than the spoken word.  Think about it! Before we could talk, thousands of years ago, there were no telephones, televisions, computers, or even conversations between 2 people. Instead there was silence and body language.  The best thing that we can all do in life is to feel the silence and not communicate with spoken words.

For once, there should be a whole week of silence in the world where people only communicate through body language.  This can really help those people who are highly verbal to learn how to use their own body language to get their messages to others.  The silent treatment game is very important. Don’t speak, Don’t mutter, and Don’t make a single noise and if you have to, just go in to a dark room all by yourself and scream where no one else can hear you. The game should last 1 week. Are you ready? Can you handle the power of silence? It is Sunday today so decide when the silence will begin for 1 week. It is your best way to also feel your spirituality control you, not being afraid of the unknown.

Silence is a golden opportunity to learn new things and observe the world better.

Take the opportunity to be silent for 1 whole week with not even a mutter or a whisper. The game of Silence will begin shortly.

post more soon, but before you see more; SILENCE!!


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