Respecting others’ Boundaries

When it comes to respecting others’ boundaries, many people these days develop difficulties with it. How can people respect some one else’s life? When a person becomes a celebrity, the paparazzi never knows how to respect that person’s life. Every one has a right to live their life no matter what and are entitled to things they want to keep private.

The problem which occurs with a so-called “Celebrity” or “Politician” is there is always someone trying to shake the ladder to bring them down. For instance, President Obama made it to the top and is working very hard to help the country the best way he can. There are many opposing rebels who never liked him and are trying to discredit all the things he has done and will do in the future preventing the President from doing his job. WE are in a crisis now because of the previous years of President George W. Bush and many other factors before him. The problems the United States has now, developed over a period of time and no one should put blame on just 1 person. President Obama is the one of many people trying to do something about it, but this is not a unique story. There are other people who reached the top who have been affected by others’ who disrespected boundaries and did whatever they could to bring down the ‘house’.

By respecting other people, we have to think about how we would feel in the other person’s shoes. For example, if a friend or family member is going to the bathroom wouldn’t you want to just wait for them to finish in the bathroom rather than barging through the door. Respect is important because if you don’t respect other people how can other people respect you.

Next time you see a person in your daily lives, please take two minutes to think about their feelings and respect their boundaries.

What happened to privacy? The internet and media have disrupted our privacy. However, I think every one wants and loves to be in the spotlight because people love to feel special. It is good to get your name out there to show people who you are, but how much is too much. The Oprah Winfrey Show had a segment on Friday how being on camera is an addiction.

Privacy is an issue these days, but the biggest issues are having no respect for others’ boundaries and those people who have poor self-esteem unless they are in the spotlight.

Remember that show a long time ago, Smile, you are on Candid Camera! Human nature also reveals people’s addictions with the media.

Work Hard, Be Respectful, Think a year older, Listen, Learn, Live your life!!

Reach out

Evaluate yourself

Search for your self

Person First

Educate yourself

Consider others

Think and process before you act

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2 thoughts on “Respecting others’ Boundaries

  1. Amy

    Hi Jason! I really like your blog. I also saw you on the PBS documentary and thought you were really cool. I agree with your assessment of how president Obama is treated by the opposition.

    Take Care,

    Amy 🙂

  2. Janet Caldwell

    Respecting boundaries and expecting others to respect yours is a good thing. The internet and paparazzi have made it impossible for some. BTW, I saw your story (PBS) in the wee hrs this AM and was captivated. 🙂 All the best friend.