Reminder: More information coming in March for June 18, Autistic Pride Day

March starts soon as well as the submissions for Autistic Pride Day’s Artistic Spectrum from a selection of artists on the Autism Spectrum and Scientific invention ideas. More information coming in March!!

On that note, here is another short poem,

An artist’s way
comes our way
to the desires of
our humanity.
It helps us heal,
it helps us live,
it helps us be
more fundamental
from our creation.
Draw, paint, sculpture,
or take a picture for
the ages.
Love the incredible beauty
that you live in without
feeling angry at
every one around you.
Draw, paint, sculpture,
write an amazing story,
act out a scene,
or think about how you
can make the world a
better place with your
own inventions.
Life is an incredible
journey of self-discovery,
some people do one thing
while the others do something
different. Its what makes the
world more interesting.
Time for all those people
who are on the Autism Spectrum
to think about what they’d like
to do for June 18, Autistic Pride Day,
on Drive Mom Crazy,
so think about it as you
wait for the March formal
announcement to start
accepting submissions
to be reviewed by me.

Please take your time, but not too long…June 18 is only about 4 months away…


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