Relax and Let it flow or be stressed out all the time to be Perfect

I just went to see the movie Black Swan! Boy was it an intense film about emotional meltdowns, perfectionism, and a imagination gone wild. How can people try to be perfect when there is no perfect? One day a long time ago, I bought a book called “The Search for the Perfect Golf Swing” and it was a physics book which tried to explain how to do well swinging a golf club. Nothing in life is worth killing yourself over anything. Life is an imperfection simple as that!! The book’s title was not the whole book.

As many people already know, the remote control is in her hands all the time. We control our own life and destiny. You can either relax and let it flow OR BE Stressed out all the time to be Perfect. Most people I see walk around are letting it flow to whatever happens, not giving a damn what imperfection there is, if any. What I realized is, the more you let it go to flow, the more talented you become at anything.

Every one has talent for something no matter what that talent is for. Some people are meant for one talent while others are meant for another. For example, some people are great public speakers while others are extraordinary doctors. The more you see yourself, the more you know who you are. No body can do anything for any one to please, but the only person you can please is yourself. Otherwise you wind up destroying who you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I hope the many people who have seen the movie “Black Swan” in the theaters will learn more about themselves and be patient with who they are.

Sometimes you just need to incorporate your gift in to your life and not be someone you are not. Take charge of your destiny and live to relax and all will go well in your life to the path of success.

Be your NICHE in your life! We live here for a reason and we all need to be here to learn, relax, and love.

In order to do stuff like this you must be chilled beforehand and not be afraid…

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One thought on “Relax and Let it flow or be stressed out all the time to be Perfect

  1. Anthony

    Man, this really spoke to me today. I am one who wants to be perfect in everything and please everyone. I also get really stressed out when I find that I cant live up to those standards. I guess it’s really when we stop living for that perfection and start realizing that God has a perfect design for everyday of our lives that we can learn to live life stress free. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts