Mailbag for 9.21.2011(Let Autumn Begin…)

Mail from Nycole: Wrote a poem about me

Jason sees what I can’t see
perhaps we both can learn
To feel so misplaced in life
I know his heart must yearn
I hope to see him smile
to see his eyes light up
Progress can be suffocating
and frustrations can erupt
But look how far he has come
and how far he will go
to feel normal in a social scene
despite this life’s low blow
Inspired by his courage
it takes to sometimes get by
humbled by his challenges
he makes me want to try
Try to have faith in life
and the power from within
I pray he gets through more and more
you’re in my thoughts my friend

Dear Nycole,

Thank you for the wonderful poem about me. I am so happy I can inspire you to write beautifully and create a poem with invigorating prayer for people like me with asperger’s syndrome and others on the autism spectrum as well. I hope you continue to write and be empowered to inspire others too!

Yours truly,


Mail from Catherine:

Hello Jason,
I saw something on tv recently about you and had to write. I am a 66 year old grandma who was hospitalized and almost died 4 years ago. I spent 5 weeks in CCU,and got excellent care, but one nurse in particular stood head
and shoulders above the rest. One day after I emerged from a 3-week coma, she asked me if I’d like a shampoo and a bed bath. OMG, Jason, I swear she could read my mind. I hadn’t been able to express myself yet, but she knew, somehow that those two things would help tremendously.
Another day, she noticed a line of about 8 visitors waiting outside my room. In between visits, she peeked in and said, “You look awfully tired. Would you like me to put up a ‘No Visitors’ sign for you?” I very emphatically shook my head, “Yes.” In time, I noticed how “different” she was from the younger nurses, and I attributed it to her being from the (wonderful) “old school.”
When I mentioned it to someone, though, I was told, “Oh, she’s a little different due to her Asperger’s.”
I’m telling you this, Jason, because I want you to know how much her sensitivity helped me
and how over and above all the wonderful nurses, she, alone, was 100% attuned to her patient’s needs. Keep up your good work at the hospital (doctor’s office) and keep this grandma’s story in mind if you ever find yourself doubting your value in taking care of people.

Dear Catherine,

I almost wanted to cry when I read your email because it made me realize why I became an Ultrasound Technologist years ago. People on the autism spectrum especially Asperger’s syndrome have so much to give and care a lot for others. I wish more people could understand this. Educators should understand the importance that a person with Asperger’s syndrome(along the autism spectrum) like myself, can fit right in to the medical field no matter what. Hopefully, your story will help empower many others with Asperger’s syndrome to enter the medical field too. If I can do it and the nurse who helped you could do it, then any one with Asperger’s syndrome can be successful in the medical field. It is an extraordinary story you told me and tells the tale of how people with Asperger’s syndrome like myself really do empathize with people a lot.

I am glad you know the full effects of what people with Asperger’s syndrome do to care. By the way, thank you for watching the This Emotional Life series and being a reader of my blog.

Sincerely yours,

Mail from Cory:

Hi Jason~

I’m Cory.. a student of clinical psychology and a monogamy coach in Hollywood, Ca. I saw you on This Emotional Life and think you’re AMAZING!! Everyone goes through difficult times in life and for me, the past 3 years have been the most difficult! Seeing the way you never give up, stay positive and accomplish your dreams makes me happy and gives me hope!

Thanks for being you! ..Keep up the good work!
All My Best,
ps. I liked your singing at the dinner table.. tell ur brother to shut it :o)

Dear Cory,

Thank you for watching the This Emotional Life series on PBS recently. I really wanted to say that you have a great website to help people and I wish you good luck in your psychology degree. I really appreciate all the kind wonderful words you say about me.

All the best for a great life to you too!!


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One thought on “Mailbag for 9.21.2011(Let Autumn Begin…)

  1. Patricia

    Dear J.
    I was wondering your reaction and feelings reading Ms. Catherine’s email below! Because I felt the warm so deeply, I imagined that you felt it too. How dear she is and how lucky you are to be “around” energies like that !
    Love the post about angels … but did I understand it right?? You had a heart surgery before??!! And are you working again??!!! That`s awesome news !! Tell me all about !!!
    Waiting for news, XOXO