Mailbag for 7.12.2011

Another Mailbag… message of the week: Be creative, Be Unique, and stick to your instincts

Mail from Zoe:

Hello Jason!!
I see a documentary about… ok really i dont know but you are in there. You are terrific!!
I do not know if I have asperger doctor says it’s my attention deficit disorder but I also work very hard for me to understand people and what has happened to me the jokes seem to mean it and then you confirm that a joke that upset me greatly and I have to many friends and when I have are not with me but not for long loses the faith that one day I can have someone who understands me and who can understand, I love writing stories and I love to read is the only way I found to be part of the world although not quite real.
I love your blog and think you’re a great person.
I send you a hug from Mexico City!
Congratulations for all the good you have done and that happened to you I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for teaching me that everything can be overcome

Dear Zoe,

Keep up your faith and always remember that you are special because we all are special! I also want to thank you for watching the PBS series This Emotional Life and reading my blog. It is not that things can be overcome, but it is the fact we need to feel good about what we can do for society inside us. I will always be on the autism spectrum and nothing can change that fact. Once any body feels deep down inside what they can do to be productive in society, everything flows through easier in a person’s life. We just have to follow through and remind ourselves of this every day.

I am glad you learned a lot from me and I appreciate the kind words about me.

Yours truly,


Mail from Sam:

Hey Jason,
My name’s Sam and I just wanted to compliment you on your outstanding writing. I discovered your blog after watching the PBS Documentary: This Emotional Life.

While I have no direct experience with Autism (or Aspergers for that matter), I did feel a direct connection when you introduced your career path. I was just licensed as an EMT-IV in Tennessee and share your passion for medicine. I too would like to become a doctor but I lack the money, time, and, quite frankly, the brains.

I am not disappointed in my path, though. I absolutely adore emergency medicine and have a special place in my heart for cardiology (no pun intended).

Anyway, I hope you continue to follow your passion and broaden your scope in the medical field.

All the best,

Dear Sam,

I am glad you shared your interest and career path in emergency medicine with me. Don’t discourage yourself and put yourself down when you say you don’t have the brains to be a doctor. Have you read the recent article in the New York Times this week? Aspiring doctors need to take a social skills test during the application process to go to medical school. They need smart people who are not only smart, but also humble and exhibit great people skills. The article discusses how there are many doctors who are arrogant, thinking they know better than the rest of the other professionals. Being a doctor does not mean you need to have the brains for it, but you also have to open yourself up to any one with kindness. Be positive knowing you can do it, you are also doing what you love. It is important to always stick with that being true to yourself and humble. You seem to have both of these qualities, but you are also doing what you love which amazes me because that is what I do. I really want to thank you for watching the PBS This Emotional Life series and reading my blog.

All of us need to always think about being a star and beyond!

Yours truly,


Mail from Chelsea:

Hi Jason,

This beautiful afternoon was my second attempt at watching in full, the PBS doc. ”This Emotional Life”. (I have a baby boy, and I work from home so each day is quite busy.)

Today I was able to make it through to the section featuring.. You!

As soon as you mentioned your blog I looked it up. I found you to be a very positive person and I just wanted to say ”Hello, and thank you for being a positive influence in this world.”


Hey Chelsea,

Thank you for watching the PBS This Emotional Life series and reading my blog. I am really happy you enjoyed my segment on the show and think it is great you found the time to do so.

I always appreciate the kind words people like you say about me and in return I just want to say what a shining star people like you are to me.

Be well and God Bless you!!



posting more soon including another mailbag this week :)!!!

Feel proud of who you are,


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