Mailbag for 5.4.2011

Mail from Ashish:

I just watched the documentary, This Emotional Life, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I feel that whether someone is a person with asperger or anything else that makes that person ”different”, it only exemplifies how alike we all really are. We all try and enjoy life every day while looking forward and hoping for the best for our future. We hope to be loved and accepted by those around us. Thank you again.

Dear Ashish,

Thank you for watching the documentary, This Emotional Life and for being a fan of my site. The feeling of being ‘different’ like you put it is exactly what describes Neurodiversity. We are all different and intricate in our own way, but still we breathe the same air and have a heart that pumps our blood throughout our bodies. It also amazes me how much we are alike yet different in addition to trying to be the best we ‘AUT’ (ought) to be. No matter who we are and what we are doing just remember you are loved by someone. Hope you are enjoying your days this year and may you keep on pushing forward toward success.

Yours truly,


Mail from Leonardo:

Hi Jason,
My name is Leonardo, 21 years old, Im studying medicine(fourth year) in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. Im adhd, my younger brother aged 15 has Asperger’s Syndrome,and my older bro has adhd too.
I saw your video This emotional life, really great.
It was great for me met you.
Good bye my friend!
Tov lehodot la’shem
Ulezamer leshimcha elyon
Lehagid baboker hasdecha
Ve’emunatcha baleilot.
I only know that laughter is contagius.
Don’t forget it,
We are together ever
Good bye my friend.

Dear Leonardo,

Thank you for all of your support from me and watching the series, This Emotional Life, I really appreciate you reading my blog. I believe laughter is contagious also!! 🙂 It amazes me how much laughter seems to take any of the negative feelings out of our system besides meditation. Good Luck in Medical School!! You will go far in life… And please be patient with your brother who also has Asperger Syndrome because he will go far too!!

All the best,

Yours truly,


Mail from June:

My eldest son (whom is now 20) has LD (a Learning Disorder). His LD effects the way he processes information and understanding (Auditory Processing Disorder). He also has trouble with reading/ reading comprehension, and writing. The other day I watched ”This Emotional Life” on Netflix. I spent the majority of the documentary crying….
Because people like you give me hope.
Because your courage is contagous.
Your tenacity to live your dream, shows my son he can live his.
Your strength builds and pathes the way for others to follow in your foot steps.
Because your life is an inspiration.
I watched the softness of your character, the demeanure in which you spoke, the qualities that make you, YOU. And I saw a beautiful point of light. One Point Of Light that shines brighter than the nay-sayers, than adversity, or trials. YOU are amazing. Hardley we get the chance to SEE or KNOW the impact we have on others. Our day to days blend and we often are not told of the smile we imparted to a stranger, thereby starting the chain reaction of hope, joy, and peace. I wanted you to know I value your exhistance. The world benefits with you in it. YOU are amazing. I am excited for you and your endevors! I look forward to following your blog and watching where you shine your light next. Have FUN and ENJOY the ride!

Best wishes

Dear June,

Your words really captured the heart of who I am. You definitely brought me to tears. I want to thank you for all of your support, reading my blog, and definitely watching me on PBS’ “This Emotional Life.” I really appreciate it so much.
I hope you continue to work with your son who is now an Adult to dream big and connect the dots of his gifts rather than wallow about his weaknesses. He is a charm just like any one else in this world and can go places and do things of his own nature. Just let him be himself and push his interest(s) to accomplish his goals. No matter where any one who is struggling is, if on the Autism Spectrum and/or on the learning curve, they have unique gifts which need to be developed. Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year.

Best regards,


(that’s the mailbag for this week)


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